Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Things to Consider

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Seeking a personal assistant in New York is a necessary step towards a a life with reduced worries and complications. However, getting the perfect personal assistant can be a challenging process. There are things that you should keep a keen eye on so that your selected personal assistant will be as effective and as productive as you need him or her to be.

Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Look for One

What Do I Need Them For?

The ways a personal assistant can help you are countless; However, different people have different capabilities. Even though they are basic tasks, each task you request from them requires a set of skills to achieve the best results. You should be decisive and have a specific list of tasks that you want to ask before you hire your personal assistant.

How Much is My Budget?

Depending on your approach, getting a personal assistant can be costly especially if you are hiring a person to work full-time for you. Your actual requirements might be light but if you want assistance on-demand throughout the day, you may not have the money to pay for that level of responsiveness.

Just like their skill sets, personal assistant rates differ from one another. You need to choose someone who can meet your needs and your budget.

How is the Personal Assistant’s Performance?

You should consider the metrics you plan to use to track the work of your personal assistant and assure the quality of the tasks they are doing. Reviews and feedback from previous employers or clients will be very helpful to check if a certain personal assistant is really qualified to work with you and can do the task that will be assigned to them.

Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Where can you find one?

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Personal Online Assistant NYC: 4 Main Tasks to Delegate

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Whether you may be in New York or not, having a personal online assistant NYC who can effectively do tasks for you is an incredible experience.

New York is a concrete jungle filled with people living busy lives. That is why having a good personal online assistant NYC can potentially double your work efficiency – allowing you to get things done faster and become more productive. 

What Can You Delegate to a Personal Online Assistant NYC?

General Administrative Tasks

For people who have a hard time managing the things they need to do, a general assistant can provide great help. They make sure that you are on track with the things that you need to do by:

  • Managing your emails
  • Scheduling your activities
  • Setting your appointments and meetings
  • Reminding you of your daily tasks
  • Responding to clients

Personal Tasks

Personal tasks and errands can take up a lot of your time. You can have your personal online assistant (or find someone who can) do these for you:

  • Find a home cleaning service
  • Book flight tickets for work or vacation
  • Order food and have it delivered to you
  • Send or receive a package
  • Find the right vendors and services for your events
  • Set up appointments with your dentist

 Content Writing and Online Research

One of the most in-demand online jobs is doing research and writing content. You can have your PA write various content like:

  • Blog articles
  • Email promotions
  • Product Reviews
  • General articles
  • News articles
  • Social media status updates
  • Research papers

Technical Tasks

Technical tasks are difficult to accomplish for someone who does not have the right skills. You can hire a skilled personal assistant who can do technical tasks like:

These are just four of the tasks that you can delegate to your personal online assistant NYC. The list is endless when you find the right assistant who has the right skills to help you with whatever task you need to accomplish.


Hire a Schedule Assistant to Have a Balanced and Stress-Free Life!

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What is a Schedule Assistant?

A schedule assistant is someone who can assist you with all your scheduling and other calendar organization needs. From your professional matters to your personal activities, he or she can help you with organizing and keeping track of all of these.

Why hire one?

Having a hard time keeping up with your meetings, appointments, and other activities? Well, a schedule assistant can greatly help you with that. He or she can also equally distribute your work and personal life so you can ensure that you have enough time to do everything.

You can hire this certain kind of assistant to have an organized schedule, a balanced life, and stress-free management of your activities.

What can a Schedule Assistant Do for You?

A schedule assistant can do more than just taking care of your schedule and appointments. They can also do the following for you:

  • Give you daily updates to freshen your mind with the things you need to do.
  • Remind you every once in a while so that you will never forget an important event.
  • Give you details about what you need to do or what you need to attend to.
  • Postpone, reschedule, or cancel meetings.
  • Plan your weekend activities.
  • …and more!

Get a Schedule Assistant by sending a text

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What Do Virtual Assistants Do NYC: Quick Facts That You Need to Know

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Busy people, especially the ones living in New York, need all the help and assistance they can get to accomplish the things they need to do. One of the best ways to efficiently seek help is by hiring a virtual assistant (VA).  But what do virtual assistants do? Where can I find a virtual assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants help people with their tasks, long-term or project-based, as long as these can be done remotely.

Virtual assistants are…

  • skilled individuals who can provide a wide array of assistance ranging from business, technical, administrative, or personal tasks.
  • able to work for you in whatever time fits your schedule.
  • more cost-effective than hiring an in-office staff.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do NYC?

Since VAs are skilled individuals, they can do various tasks for you such as:

  • Manage your emails
  • Write content for emails, blogs, websites, and social media
  • Manage your schedules
  • Set appointments and meetings
  • Find a home cleaning or repair service
  • Book plane tickets
  • Get hotel reservations
  • Purchase anything online
  • Set up websites and blogs
  • Keep track of your finances
  • Create posters, flyers, and brochures

Where Can You Find a Virtual Assistant?

You can even find virtual assistants outside of New York and they can work remotely for you. There are quite a number of VA platforms over the internet which you can use. You can opt for a specific VA service like getting food deliveries, or a VA that you will be paying on a weekly or monthly basis.

For example, Upwork lets you hire a VA and choose whether you would like to have an hourly, or project-based contract with him or her. You can also choose if you would like your VA to work part-time or full-time.

Another platform is Zirtual, which is great for businessmen and professionals. They offer a monthly rate that starts at $398 for 12 hours.

If you are looking for an on-demand personal assistant, you can use Magic. It carries out personal and work-related tasks anytime you need it. What’s more, you can simply text Magic and get started right away with no obligations or hidden fees.



What Do Virtual Assistants Charge NYC: How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

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what do virtual assistants charge nyc
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With the busy and hectic lives of people in New York nowadays, it is no longer a wonder that hiring help is a great way to get some free time. In this article, we will tackle everything you need to know about what do virtual assistants charge in NYC to give you an idea of what type of help you can get based on how much you are willing to pay.

What are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are skilled individuals who provide technical, administrative or personal help to their employers. All the communication and coordination are done virtually, either over the phone or online. They are able to do a wide array of services which can range from simple tasks to specific ones that require skills and expertise.

Professionals and businessmen seek the help of virtual assistants because of their efficiency.

They are able to accomplish tasks like:

  • Managing your calendar and schedule of activities
  • Setting up appointments and meetings
  • Checking emails and reporting urgent ones
  • Doing online research
  • Writing content
  • Creating a website
  • Bookkeeping
  • Create posters, brochures, and flyers
  • Manage your business’ social media accounts
  • Blog and website management

What Do Virtual Assistants Charge NYC?

The rate for virtual assistants varies depending on a few fundamental factors.

Virtual assistants have an average rate ranging from $5 to $100 depending on their skills. VAs charge a lower rate for doing simple tasks while those with specialized skills will consequently have higher rates.

It is important to understand that virtual assistants are independent contractors that have a different payment rate for part-time or full-time employees. Unlike regular employees where the employer has to cover for their insurance and tax coverage, virtual assistants take care of these themselves and incorporate these into their rates.

For example, Upwork provides the following rate ranges for their virtual assistants:

  • Administrative Professional or Data Entry: $12-$20 per hour
  • Marketing/ Customer Service/ Accounting Support: $20- $35 per hour
  • Advanced Consultant/ Executive Assistant: $38- $50 per hour

Ready to Hire a VA Now?

Now that you have an idea on what virtual assistants charge, you can look for your VA through various online platforms.

These International Virtual Assistant Services are worth taking a look.

However, if you feel that you need an on-demand personal assistant, we recommend trying Magic.

Magic is your personal assistant that will do your tasks virtually anytime you need it. By simply downloading the iOS app or texting a special number, you can have your Magic personal assistant help you with your tasks immediately. Magic charges $35/hr or about 50 cents per minute for their help with ANY task.



Get an Appointment Manager and De-stress Your Life

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Why You Need an Appointment Manager

When you have a lot of work to do, staying on top of things can be quite a challenge. Even if you would like to do things on your own, there are times when having an appointment manager can do you good. Here’s why:

  • You are overloaded with work

    • Your appointment manager can help you schedule your appointments, meetings, and other things you need to do efficiently so you are not overloaded with work on a single day.
  • You often forget your schedule

    • If you often miss appointments and forget the things you need to do in a day, an appointment manager can provide you with daily reminders and prompt you about upcoming appointments.
  •  You no longer have time for yourself

    • Work spilling over your weekend? Do not push yourself too hard. When you have an appointment manager, your tasks are managed properly so you can divide your time for work and for yourself.

What Can Your Appointment Manager Help You With?

  • Schedule appointments with your clients
  • Schedule business meetings
  • Set appointments with your doctor, dentist, etc.
  • Remind you of your schedule in the morning
  • Provide you a run down of your schedule for the following day
  • Remind you of your upcoming appointments an hour ahead
  • Ensure that your tasks are spread out evenly
  • Remind you of urgent matters that you need to attend to

Do You Need an Appointment Manager?

If you want to manage your schedule and appointments efficiently, Magic can be your appointment manager. Just text “M4APPOINT” to (408) 217-1721. You can also visit their website or download the iOS app.

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Meeting Assistant: Stay Organized While On-The-Go

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meeting assistant
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If you are too busy hopping from one appointment after another, you probably have little time to deal with setting up meetings yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a meeting assistant who can arrange, coordinate, and remind you of your meetings? Below are just some of the tasks a meeting assistant can do for you.

What Can Your Meeting Assistant Do For You?

  • Coordinate With People

    • Your meeting assistant will be the one to call, email, and coordinate with the attendees of the meeting. He or she will take care of the correspondence and remind them of the time and venue of the meeting.
  • Find a Venue

    • Your meeting assistant can help you find the right venue – be it reserving a board room in the office or booking a conference hall elsewhere. Furthermore, he or she can pre-order food and drinks that will be served during the meeting.
  • Prepare Documents and Presentations

    • Your assistant can do more for you by helping you prepare the needed documents and/or presentation for the meeting. He/she can also make copies to be handed out during the meeting.
  • Remind You of Your Meetings Ahead of Time

    • An assistant can ensure that you don’t forget your appointments by giving you start-of-day reminders and alerting you of your engagements.

Are You Looking For a Meeting Assistant?

If you are looking for a someone who can help you with everything you need for your meetings, Magic is the only meeting assistant that you will ever need.

Magic Assistants work on-demand, so there is absolutely no need to hire someone full-time. Even when you’re on-the-go, you can simply tell Magic the details of what you want to be prepared for your meeting and they will find a way do it for you.



Concierge Personal Assistant NYC: Get Some Balance in Your Life

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concierge personal assistant nyc
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Do you find yourself on a seesaw trying to balance your work and personal life? Most people do.

You do not need to sacrifice time with your friends and loved ones just to get your work, chores, and errands done. You can get some work done but still, have the time to party in Manhattan and watch some shows on Broadway. To get through this daily seesaw ride, you should get your own concierge personal assistant.

What is a Concierge Personal Assistant?

People have a tendency to have a lot on their plate. Sometimes, more than what they can actually manage. If you think this is you, there is no harm from getting outside help.

A concierge personal assistant is someone who helps with the lifestyle management of individuals who have too many tasks to handle. They make sure that there is a balance in the daily lives of their clients, such that they do not dedicate all their time doing work.

These assistants take on smaller tasks that occupy most of their client’s time to help them focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, personal assistants enable people in actually having time for themselves and the people that matter to them.

concierge personal assistant
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What Does a Concierge Personal Assistant Do?

Anyone who needs more time can use a concierge. The primary reason is that these personal assistants are able to do a wide range of tasks like:

  • Find home cleaning and repair services
  • Do research work
  • Find and purchase gifts for loved ones
  • Book venues for meetings or special events
  • Find the best flight schedule and book tickets
  • Order food and have it delivered to you
  • Fix your schedule and calendar of activities
  • Schedule your meetings and appointments
  • Give you a daily reminder of the things you need to do

Get a concierge personal assistant NYC by sending a text

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Virtual Scheduling Assistant: Declutter Your Calendar

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want to have a scheduling assistant who can efficiently manage your schedules, Magic can help you! 


scheduling assistant
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What time is my meeting again? Do I have a free hour to schedule another appointment? When was I supposed to visit my doctor?

If you find yourself asking these questions, chances are you are having some troubles with managing your schedule. Read on to understand why having a scheduling assistant can be beneficial for you.

Why Hire a Virtual Scheduling Assistant?

As much as you stay on top of things and manage everything on your own, there are times when it’s actually better to ask for help. For people who have a busy lifestyle, keeping track of their schedule can be difficult, especially if they are piled on top of each other.

Save yourself the stress and get a scheduling assistant to help you.

When you have a virtual scheduling assistant, he or she can help you to:

  • Schedule any type of appointment
  • Confirm appointments 
  • Provide a brief of your daily appointments every morning
  • Alert you of your upcoming appointments
  • Provide a summary of your appointments for the following day
  • Manage your Google calendar
  • Schedule important meeting with clients, customers, or co-workers
  • Schedule lunch meetings and find a restaurant
  • Plan business trips
  • Schedule time for yourself
  • Make sure that your meetings and appointments are not too close to each other

When you have a scheduling assistant, you no longer have to worry about managing your time so you can focus on what you need to do. Furthermore, since your schedule is properly calendared, you can have the much-needed time to relax!


Voice Assistant: What Can It Do For You?

voice assistant

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want something more than just a simple voice assistant, Magic is the right one for you!


voice assistant
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Smartphones continue to develop in such a way that they are no longer used for simple calls and texts.

With the introduction of voice assistants, people can utilize their phones to assist them in mundane tasks. These voice assistants can be built-in or downloadable and they have one goal: make human’s lives a little bit easier.

What Can Voice Assistants Help You With?

It doesn’t matter if you have Siri, Cortana, Bixby, or Google Assistant. You can use your smartphone to help you with small tasks. 

Your smartphone voice assistant can help with the following tasks:

  1. Alert you out loud with incoming calls and received texts or emails.
  2. Place calls and send texts or emails by speech dictation
  3. Provide daily weather updates and forecast
  4. Find places like the nearest restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine
  5. Navigate to the location you want to go to
  6. Set reminders and events on your phone’s calendar
  7. Search for anything on the internet

Voice assistants continue to develop rapidly where users can expect more tasks that they can do in the following months.

However, if you want a better experience, use your voice assistant with Magic!

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that you can reach through text anytime you need it. It can carry out tasks like placing food orders or booking plane tickets which your voice assistant cannot do. To use your voice assistant with Magic, you can simply say:

Voice Assistant, text Magic to order donuts and have it delivered to my apartment