10 Power User Tips for Using Magic


Magic is a personal assistant on demand. You simply text Magic with a request, and a human assistant responds to get it done for you.

If you’re already a user of Magic, there are a number of tricks and little known features that can greatly enhance your experience.

1. Autoconfirm

If you want Magic to just go ahead and order something, and you’re OK with them making decisions for you to get it done, just text “autoconfirm”.

When you autoconfirm, you agree to the order without first looking at the price or details of the order.

This feature is especially useful if your phone is dying, or you don’t have the time or ability to send multiple texts.

Example: “Send an iPhone phone charger to my hotel ASAP. Autoconfirm.


2. Time caps

If you’re a user of Magic, you know that you’re billed for the time a human spends on your requests. It works like an “al a carte” personal assistant.

But what you may not know is that you can cap your requests in 1 hour increments.

This can help you control how much work you want done and is especially helpful for research requests.

Example: “Find the best three dentists in Massachusetts that specialize in oral surgery and that take my insurance. Spend no more than 2 hours on this request.”


3. Recurring requests

One of the best uses of Magic is to set up recurring requests.

When you have recurring requests in Magic, the experience for you is completely automatic and effortless.

If you need something done repeatedly, you don’t have to keep texting Magic over and over each time

Recurring requests are also more efficient, taking Magic less time to complete, since it learns exactly how to get it done.

Example: Send lunch to my office every Monday — Friday. Make sure I have a main course, side, and drink, and never order me the exact same thing twice.


4. Set preferences

When you tell Magic your preferences, Magic saves it permanently in its system and automatically recalls this information when it is relevant.

If you say you’re allergic to a particular type of food, or that when you send your wife flowers you never want to include a note, or that your favorite wine is Pinot noir, Magic remembers.

Telling Magic your preferences saves you time and makes your experience a lot more magical.

Example: Never order me food with bananas or eggs in it. Always choose the spiciest option.


5. “Get it when it’s available”

You can request for Magic to get you things that aren’t yet available or
released to the public. This works even if there is no pre-order or release date.

Magic will keep an eye on when it will become available and will order it right away.

Example: Get me the “Fantastic Beasts” Blu-Ray as soon as it‘s available.


6. Email

Magic is fully integrated with email. Magic gives you a special email address with a @magic.gd domain.

You can email your requests to Magic, just like you would send a text to Magic. Magic can also send emails on your behalf.

You can forward emails to Magic, BCC Magic, and send attachments to Magic, just like you would a regular personal assistant.


7. Telegram

Magic also works with the Telegram app. Magic has its own Telegram “bot” that works seamlessly with Magic.

If you have an account with Magic, simply go here and start using the Magic with Telegram.

This is especially helpful if you are temporarily unable to send SMS text
messages, or if you want to send requests while you’re on your laptop.


8. Google Calendar

Magic can fully integrate into your calendar if you use Google Calendar.

Simply text Magic that you would like to link your calendar with Magic.

Magic can create appointments for you, schedule meetings with multiple people involved, keep your calendar up-to-date, and can always reference your calendar to make sure you have no scheduling conflicts.

For example, if you ask Magic to book you a reservation for 7pm and add it to your calendar, Magic warn you that you already have a meeting scheduled that evening.


9. International

Magic can perform tasks internationally. It’s great when you travel, since it already knows your preferences.

Magic has fulfilled a variety of requests in a variety of locations, from Cuba to Kyoto. Magic works best in countries where English is commonly spoken, but it will try to fulfill your request anywhere.


10. “I don’t need this today.”

Letting Magic know if you need a delivery to be same-day or not will make your requests more efficient and save you money.

Same-day deliveries require either a service, private driver, or courier to pick up and deliver the order to you. This is almost always more expensive than a multi-day delivery.

If you don’t need an item same-day, tell Magic, so it can provide a cheaper option for you. If you need it same-day, also let Magic know, so it won’t spend time looking into options that aren’t same-day.

Example: “I need more Keurig capsules. Order about 100, all dark coffee. Does not need to be same-day.”


That Concierge Life

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.32.46 AM(image credit: Aya Fulton)

What Is a Concierge?

A concierge is a caretaker or assistant who helps people with different tasks. Common tasks concierges perform include:

  • Booking, changing, and cancelling reservations for you
  • Dealing with customer service on your behalf
  • Hotel and flight bookings
  • Spa and massage appointments
  • Recommendations for gifts, restaurants, and nightlife
  • Online research

The Legacy of the Concierge

As one of the oldest occupations, the modern concierge can trace his or her proud profession all the way back to the earliest roots of human civilization.

The actual word “concierge” first appeared in France during the Middle Ages from Comte des Cierges, which means “Keeper of the Candles,” a job that required having keys to all the rooms of the castle and the inherent trust of the king.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.32.58 AM

Literary references to “concierge” from 1800s to 2008. (Google Trends)

When European castles became hotels in the 1900s, the concierge role remained but their clients went from royal families to hotel guests. Around the mid-20th century, the European concierge found it’s way to the United States by way of San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel, thanks to the first American Concierge, Tom Wolfe who had trained in Europe.

Since then, concierges expanded into other hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, credit card companies, luxury car companies, and more.

The Future of the Concierge

The explosion of mobile communication in the 21st century allowed for new forms of concierge services. These services go outside the confines of physical locations and timezones and aim to help clients with anything, any place, any time. Mobile interfaces have made submitting requests as easy as texting or clicking through an app.

Many concierge services are using the growing power of artificial intelligence to help improve the cost margins and scalability of their services. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are examples of software-only approaches that are great for scaling, knowledge-only requests. They are far from a full concierge service but they could easily become a request input source. Eventually, the cost of concierge services will be reduced or paid through by ads or commission such that the concierge lifestyle will be available to all and not just high-net worth individuals.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.33.10 AM

Credit: http://conciergemaps.media/
Concierge Use Cases by Industry


  • Handle all travel and lodging
  • 24/7 lead generation
  • Build out extremely customizable sales funnels

Internet Marketing

  • Transcribe video to blogs and tweets
  • Editing and uploading video
  • Manage and respond to social media 24/7


  • Internet research scaled as needed
  • Synthesis of information
  • Rapidly increase customer touch points

Small Business Owners

  • Managing and paying various vendors
  • Handle couriers and delivery logistics
  • Instantly scale labor as needed


  • Arrange meetings with investors
  • Help secure funding via brute force targeted email pitching
  • Near effortless meal plan set up


  • Follow up with new Linkedin contacts
  • Book venues for memorable networking events
  • Gift, restaurant, event recommendations
  • Finding and delivering hard to find items

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.33.16 AM

Credit: https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes396012.htm

Concierge Services by Name

Magic — All-in-one, technology and accessibility focused

  • Based in San Francisco, viral launch in 2015.
  • Relentless task fulfillment, as long as it is legal.
  • 24/7, on-demand, concierge service.
  • No app necessary, communicate via text


  • Delivered a motorcycle to Burning Man in under 24 hours
  • Arranged access to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger event
  • Helped raise 6 million dollars for an entrepreneur
  • Organized a hang-out with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  • Bought and delivered a Lamborghini to an airport arrivals area while the client was still in the air

Knightsbridge Circle — Luxury arrangements, personal networks and relationships focused

  • Based in UK, established in 2002.


  • Arranged a private dinner for guests before Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘The Last Supper,’ at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan
  • Private ritual conducted by monks at the Grand Temple in Bangkok
  • An ultimate weekend in a Beverly Hills sprawling estate that included dinner prepared by the acclaimed chef, Daniel Boulud,entertainment by Jennifer Lopez, and a late-night DJ session performed by Avicii.

Other Concierge Services:

  • Zirtual — Las Vegas, Nevada — Founded Jan 11, 2011
  • Time Etc — Birmingham, Birmingham based — Founded July 1, 2007 — US/UK based VAs
  • Fancy Hands — NYC, NY — Founded April 1, 2010
  • Red Butler — Beverly Hills, CA — Founded December 5, 2006
  • Quintessentially — UK based
  • John Paul Group — UK based
  • Chillax Concierge — SF based

How Not to Use a Concierge

Concierges are not the best solution for all tasks. Concierges are generalists and not sources of expert information, though they can find and book appointments with those that are.

  • Getting legal, medical, or other expert advice
  • If you think you can do something faster and speed is important
  • In-person physical tasks, aren’t possible with virtual concierges
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.33.24 AM
How concierge services book expert advice.How concierge services book expert advice.

Concierge Pricing

Some concierge services are included in the cost of the exclusive membership or hotel stay, others range from yearly rates to hourly pricing models. Some concierge services require time or usage contracts while others are pay as you go.

Should you hire a personal assistant?

Should you hire a personal assistant? It depends.

Do you consistently have a lot of work on your plate? Do you find yourself perpetually juggling between multiple projects, sometimes to the point of dropping important responsibilities? Have you finally decided that you need to start delegating more?

If you have the resources to hire someone on a full or part-time basis, it could be time to find a personal assistant. Maybe you’ve been seriously considering hiring one for a while, but you haven’t been sure if it’s the right idea to go ahead and do it. Or maybe, you simply don’t know where to start.

At Magic, we’ve been hiring, training, and managing teams of excellent personal assistants for the last four years.

Learn more about Magic, and how we offer a revolutionary 24/7 personal assistant on demand.

We’ve learned a heck of a lot in the process.  We’d love to share with you some of what we’ve learned and the most common mistakes we’ve seen people make when they hire a personal assistant.

How do you find a good personal assistant?

“Finding a great assistant and having them directly report to you is lot of work.”

The point of having a personal assistant is to save time. That being said, if you’re really busy all of the time, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening during the first few months, when the process of getting an assistant started actually takes more time than it saves.

Finding a great assistant and having them directly report to you is lot of work – and it’s one of the main reasons people use Magic instead.

You’ll need to do all of the following:

Interviewing personal assistants

Expect to interview anywhere from 5-15 candidates before finding someone who meets your criteria. Each interview should be about 30 minutes of your time if done over the phone and at least an hour if meeting in person. You also need to spend considerable time, energy, and money working with a recruiter or recruiting platform.

Hiring a personal assistant candidate

If you find an assistant that meets your criteria, you need to negotiate their compensation, responsibilities, and schedule. If they have a job already, they will need time to transition from their current job to working for you.

Onboarding your personal assistant 

Your life is complex. In order for your assistant to dive in and seriously help you, you’re going to need to spend time successfully onboarding them. This involves giving your assistant access to your online life. You’ll need to give your assistant access to a password manager, or find a way to interface with their own accounts so that they can get work done, like responding to your emails and handling your scheduling for you.

Your assistant also needs time to learn the ropes about who is who and what is what in your life. There are serious privacy and security concerns you’ll need to consider if you’re going to have an assistant deeply integrated into your life.

Training your personal assistant

For most tasks, expect your assistant to take three to four times longer at getting things done than you would take. This is because your assistant doesn’t have the same access to and context about your life that you do.

Also, there are tasks you may want your assistant to do that they just don’t have any experience in handling. This is a downside to hiring a generalist. If, for example, your assistant is not a strong writer, and you suddenly need a lot of writing done, you either have to spend time training your assistant on clear, effective communication, you need to willingly accept sub-par results, or you need to hire someone else.

Managing your personal assistant

“You don’t want to be a negligent employer – you’ll make someone less than happy about their job, and you won’t get good results.”

Your assistant is your employee. You are responsible for handling their complaints, giving them a raise when they have been with you for a while, letting them know when they have underperformed, praising them when they have done a good job, etc. You must also fire them if they are repeatedly failing to hit the mark.

Do not underestimate the work involved here. You don’t want to be a negligent employer – you’ll make someone less than happy about their job, and you won’t get good results.

Replacing your personal assistant when they quit

Even if you find someone who is a perfect fit, they won’t stay with you forever. Among jobs started by workers with ages from 25 to 29, 87 percent had an average length of employment of fewer than five years. If you’re hiring part-time, it’s even more likely they will eventually leave and move out into a more permanent role elsewhere.

You can either develop a backup plan ahead of time, or hope they give you enough time when they decide to quit to help you transition into another assistant.

Is hiring a personal assistant still a good idea?

If you’re excited about handling all of these responsibilities yourself, then yes, it’s probably a good idea for you to hire your own assistant.

Having an assistant will allow you to nearly double the work you’re capable of performing. It can often be the best next step to accomplishing your goals, both personally and professionally.

We built Magic in order to offer the benefits of a personal assistant without the huge upfront cost in time and money. With Magic, you don’t pay a monthly salary. Since you access a shared team of personal assistants, you pay-as-you-go. You also don’t need to hire, train, or manage your assistant either. We handle all of that for you.

If you do decide to hire your own assistant, or if you use Magic instead, you’ll want to learn the principles of successful delegation. Your assistant is only as powerful as your ability to delegate.

Want to have a personal assistant but don’t have time to go through the hiring process? Try Magic and start practicing how to delegate.

Learn more about Magic

Executive Assistant Virtual: How Can They Help Me?

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a virtual executive assistant to help you, Magic is your best option. 


executive assistant virtual
Image Credits

What is an Executive Assistant Virtual?

An executive assistant virtual or executive virtual assistant (VA) job is a fast-growing work-from-home profession. Usually self-employed, an executive VA helps clients with any office work that their clients ask them to do as long as these tasks can be done virtually.

Virtual assistants can be on-demand, dedicated, project-based, full-time, or part-time. Many companies turn to VA services because they are cost-efficient and equally competitive.

What can an Executive Assistant Virtual do for you?

Virtual assistants work like normal in-house employees who work for you. The only difference is that they work from a different location and a technological platform is your means of communication.

The biggest benefit of having an executive assistant virtual is that you can outsource various tasks to them. You can also ask them to do office work that can increase your time and productivity.

Some of the things you can outsource to your VAs are:

  • Managing emails
  • Scheduling
  • Receptionist services
  • Travel planning
  • Online researching
  • Cloud storage and online file organizing
  • Secretarial work
  • Creating reports and presentations
  • Writing business letters
  • and much more!

Do you need an Executive Assistant Virtual?

If you want to have more time on your hands and outsource your tasks to a virtual assistant, you can use Magic! Your Magic virtual assistant can help you with your business-related needs, and even with your personal errands and tasks.


Virtual Assistant Services for the Busy Businessman

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want a virtual assistant who can help you with the things you need to do for your business, Magic is here for you. Try Magic Now.

virtual assistant
Image Credits

Whether it is a small or big company, it is a must that business proprietors be hands-on and keen in handling every aspect of it.

A businessman must know what is going on and what is about to happen so that they know where to improve their services. Because of this, a businessman’s plate will always be full.

Seeking help in every possible way is a great solution to overcome this problem. A virtual assistant can be a good option if he or she is looking for someone who can work immediately for a cheaper value but still get quality output.

Three virtual assistant services that can help you and your business

The biggest struggle of a business man is juggling multiple tasks at once and having to deal with many business concerns. Due to their busy lifestyle, even a simple organizing or encoding job can be of great help and can give them more time.

These virtual assistant services can give them the service that they need:

VE People

virtual assistant
Image Credits

VE People is a staffing solution provider based in Australia that was founded by Matt Bowd in 2013. Though established in the land down under, they are also currently located in the Philippines, India, and the United States enabling them to render service internationally. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Content writers
  • Customer services
  • Financial services support
  • Sales and marketing
  • Technical support

Aside from virtual assistant, they can also provide you with other possible business needs such as creative solutions, internet marketing, software testing, and mobile application development.

Kudos PA

virtual assistant
Image Credits

Kudos PA lets their clients hire a dedicated virtual assistant who can work for them whenever they need them. If you would like to have your own virtual assistant, then this option is for you. Some of the services they can offer are:

  • Admin support services
  • Organizing
  • Marketing and campaigning
  • Online researching
  • Content writing and proofreading
  • Social media management

Key Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant
Image Credits

Jacqui Dean is the owner of Key Virtual Assistance which provides skilled and qualified assistants for companies. Jacqui has more than 30 years of experience and claims that can finish a day worth of work in a matter of minutes. Some of their services are:

  • Virtual Secretarial services
  • Administrative support
  • Audio transcription
  • Virtual researching
  • Selling and invoicing

They also do project management, committee servicing, and design and implementation of content management system websites all for the benefit of your company.

Do you want a virtual assistant just by sending a text?

Magic is an online concierge service based in San Francisco California. By using Magic, you will get a virtual assistant who works around the clock and available for you anytime you need it. Magic is the best virtual assistant for any businessman who can help with anything, as long as it is legal.

To get Magic, all you need to do is visit their website or download the iOS app. You can also simply text the code “M4VAFB” to 83489.

Learn more about Magic here

Three Robot Personal Assistants that you Need to Check Out

robot personal assistant

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime, anywhere. If you want to buy a robot personal assistant, they can reserve, purchase and deliver it to you.


robot personal assistant
Image Credits

Have you ever imagined walking in your house and everything is automated and computer-generated? It is obvious that humanity is constantly stepping towards that kind of living. This article will show you how a robot personal assistant can help you and your family at home.

Here are some robot personal assistants that you can check out


robot personal assistant
Image Credits

Maya claims to be the first personal assistant robot. Maya looks like a pole with wheels at the bottom and a mirror-like screen on top displaying an image of a 3D-animated person. It is a mobile and interactive robot which was designed “to live with people.” It can also roam around your house and do multiple tasks for you.

Some of the things Maya can do are:

  • order you dinner and track your health
  • play music
  • get you a cab
  • take your picture
  • give you news and weather updates
  • schedule meetings and set alarms
  • connect with your home automation systems
  • streams live video
  • navigate through your house
  • feel temperature and humidity
  • engage in a conversation
  • recognize faces and voices
  • and much more

Maya is currently priced at $1,499 and you can buy one at Autonomous’ website.


robot personal assistant
Image Credits

Aido is slightly similar to the first one. It is another robot personal assistant designed to assist you at your home. Its developers say that Aido is not just a robot personal assistant – it can also be your friend, teacher, helper, home manager, and entertainer.

Some of the things Aido can do for you are:

  • play movies and games through its interactive projector
  • keep track of your home’s automation systems
  • engage in interactive teaching-learning experience
  • recognize each person in the house and adjust to everyone’s preferences
  • search the internet and project results through its built-in projector
  • set alarms, make reminders, create to-do lists, etc.
  • teach it chores and basic tasks to do

Aido robots are not yet released and won’t start shipping until January 2018. However, you can pre-order one now and save 30% of the actual price.


robot personal assistant
Image Credits

Jibo is another interactive robot and claims to be the “world’s first social robot.” It can recognize voice commands, adjust settings and set user preferences on its own. Even though it is small and immobile, Jibo is highly intelligent and can perform a series of tasks.

Jibo can do some of these tasks:

  • take photos and videos
  • engage in conversations and tell jokes
  • remind you of your plans and other tasks
  • teach through interactive applications
  • make video calls
  • connect to your home automation system
  • send and receive messages
  • order food and book cabs
  • record your preferences

Jibo can be a source of service and entertainment that your family can benefit from. You can pre-order Jibo now through their website.

Get a robot personal assistant over text now!

Do you want to buy a robot personal assistant? Magic can help you with buying one.

Their assistants can even do the things that these robots can do. If you can’t afford a robot personal assistant, Magic can give you a similar service for a much cheaper price.


Parse Email and Spend Less Time On Your Inbox!

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you need someone to help you parse email, Magic can do it for you. Try Magic Now.

parse email
Image Credits

Got hundreds of email in your inbox that you need to take care of but do not have the time? Try this solution!

Three reasons why you need to parse email:

  • For better tracking

    • When you parse your emails, every important detail from the emails you received will be extracted. These extracted data will be then transferred to a spreadsheet where you can see all pieces of information. Through this, everything will be organized and will be easier to track.
  • To save time

    • When you parse email, everything is automated. For example, if you are an HR officer and do not have the time to go through each application, an email parser can simply extract data from those emails. These can be their names, contact info, job experience, and other keywords.
  • For personal reasons

    • If you have blog and website subscriptions, they can send you a lot of computer generated promotional emails. It can get annoying but some of them may contain important details, like promos, deals, and updates that might interest you. An email parser can extract those data so that you do not have to go through those emails one by one.

Some samples of email parsing software and online services

Email parsing can be used by signing up to an online service or by downloading and installing a plug-in to your computers. Some email parsing software available are:

  • Zapier
  • MailParser
  • Parseur
  • Automated Email Parser

Want to parse email without the hassle?

If downloading a parsing software and setting it up is not for you, why not get someone to parse your email just by sending a text?  Magic can help you parse email or any kind of assistance in managing and handling your email and other online accounts.

Just text “M4EPARSE” to (408) 217 – 1721. You can also visit their website or download the iOS app.

Learn more about Magic here

3 Qualities to Look for in an Appointment Scheduler

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want an on-demand appointment scheduler who can work for your business, they can do it for you. Try Magic Now.

appointment scheduler
Image Credits

Has your business ever accidentally double-booked an appointment, leaving one of your clients frustrated? If you have a gym, spa, counseling center, financial consultation center, clinic, or any establishment that meets with clients to render service, your appointment setting system should be faultless. To strengthen this system, you should consider getting an appointment scheduler.

3 Qualities you need to Look for in an Appointment Scheduler

  • Keen attention to details

    • An appointment scheduler would have to deal with a lot of calendars, tables, lists, etc. One must have a keen attention to detail so that booked appointments and schedules for each day will not get mixed up.
  • Organized

    • Of course, this one is an important quality. If he or she is not organized with the files and tools that he or she needs to work with, that will undermine his or her purpose in your business.
  • Communicative

    • He or she is the first point of communication between the client and your business. A good appointment scheduler must be able to communicate well with clients and leave a good impression with them.

Need an on-demand Appointment Scheduler?

A first good step to organizing your business calendar is by hiring an appointment scheduler.  If you are still on the fence, an on-demand staff is an option. Try Magic’s on-demand service by texting “M4APPOINTSCHED” to (408) 217 – 1721. You can also visit their website or download the iOS app to learn more.

Learn more about Magic here

Voice Assistant NYC: What Can It Do For You?

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want something more than just a simple voice assistant NYC, Magic is the right one for you! 


voice assistant nyc
Image Credits

Smartphones continue to develop in such a way that they are no longer used for simple calls and texts.

New Yorkers are known to be one of the busiest people in the world. Need to maximize as much time as you’ve got in a day? Why not use your voice and your phone to get things done.

With the introduction of voice assistant NYC, people, not only in New York but everyone in the world who has a phone, can utilize it to assist them with their day-to-day tasks. These voice assistants can be built-in or downloadable and they have one goal: make human’s lives a little bit easier.

What Can a Voice Assistant NYC Help You With?

It doesn’t matter if you have Siri, Cortana, Bixby, or Google Assistant. You can use your smartphone to help you with small tasks. 

Your smartphone voice assistant NYC can help with the following tasks:

  1. Alert you out loud with incoming calls and received texts or emails.
  2. Place calls and send texts or emails by speech dictation
  3. Provide daily weather updates and forecast
  4. Find places like the nearest restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine
  5. Navigate to the location you want to go to
  6. Set reminders and events on your phone’s calendar
  7. Search for anything on the internet

Voice assistants continue to develop rapidly where users can expect more tasks that they can do in the future.

However, if you want a better experience, use your voice assistant NYC with Magic!

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that you can reach through text anytime you need it. It can carry out tasks like placing food orders or booking plane tickets which your voice assistant cannot do. To use your voice assistant NYC with Magic, you can simply say:

Voice Assistant, text Magic to order donuts and have it delivered to my apartment 


Top 4 Personal Assistant App for Android NYC

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are wondering what is the best personal assistant app for Android NYC, here is your answer. 


personal assistant app for android nyc
Image Credits

Smartphones can do so much more than just sending and receiving calls and text. Installable android smartphone personal assistants can assist their users in doing small tasks. We have listed below the top personal assistant app for Android that you must try:

Top 4 Personal Assistant App for Android NYC

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the best personal assistant app for Android NYC which even rivals Apple’s Siri in many tasks. It comes with great features that can be done through voice command like:

  • Smart unlock
  • Writing a shopping list
  • Navigation
  • Finding locations
  • Providing daily news briefs
  • Giving weather updates
  • Writing an email or text message

Dragon Mobile Assistant

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly smartphone personal assistant, then this one is for you. Dragon Mobile Assistant may be simple but it can do tasks such as:

  • Giving daily news briefs
  • Providing weather updates
  • Giving directions to a location
  • Open other phone apps
  • Send text messages


A relatively new personal assistant app for Android, Bixby is developed by Samsung to be available to Galaxy S8 and above users. These new Samsung devices have a Bixby dedicated button for easier access to in helping you with:

  • Translating text from one language
  • Identify landmarks through your phone camera
  • Read QR codes
  • Searching for products

Microsoft Cortana

Just as Siri is built into Apple devices, Cortana is a built into Windows 8.1 and 10 devices. It is a voice assistant which can:

  • Find locations and provide directions
  • Search the internet
  • Play music from your smartphone
  • Provide game stats of your favorite team’s game
  • Take note of your interests like food and places.

Personal Assistant App for Android NYC: An Alternative

These four personal assistant apps for Android can help you with your smallest tasks right from your phone. But there are still limitations to what these apps can do. For a more flexible, on-demand personal assistant app for android NYC, try Magic!

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that can actually help you with the things you need to do and carry out bigger tasks that your android app cannot do.

For example, your personal assistant app for Android can look for food places near you, but Magic can call the restaurant, order the food, and make sure it gets to you even if you’re outside the delivery area.

Just imagine how much easier your life can be when you have a personal assistant app for Android for small tasks combined with the Magic personal assistant for everything else!


Virtual Assistant International NYC: Foreign Companies Worth A Look

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you live in New York and is looking into getting an overseas assistant, Magic can help you find virtual assistant international NYC companies.


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The virtual assistant industry has been seeing growth outside New York and the United States in general. Virtual assistant international companies mainly from Asia, India and the UK are now becoming strong contenders. 

So we have listed some international companies worth a look. Most noteworthy, even though these companies are overseas, you can still experience their service even if you are in New York City.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: Philippines

In the last decade, outsourcing businesses have been a boom in the Philippines. Young, talented, and ambitious Filipinos capitalized on this growth. This propelled them to being one of the best locations to find an excellent virtual assistant.

  • OnlineJobs PH

    • Founded: 2009 by Utah-based entrepreneur, John Jonas
    • Overview: A remote job board for Filipinos.

Create a way to tap into the affordable Filipino workforce to the rest of the world.

  • Virtual Coworker

    • Founded: 2011 in Australia by Braden Yuill
    • Overview: A remote staffing agency. They work exclusively with Filipino virtual employees. Candidates go through rigorous screening before being matched with a client.
  • Prialto

    • Founded: Portland, Oregon
    • Overview: Employs a global staff mainly from Asia and Central America. They provide virtual executive assistant services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: India

India has long been known for its outsourcing businesses. It is home to many virtual assistant companies and most of its workforce are excellent English speakers. No wonder India is people’s top-of-mind when it comes to virtual assistance.

  • 24/7 Virtual

    • Founded: 2008 with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India.
    • Overview: Geared towards small businesses. Clients can train their dedicated assistants to the specific needs of their business.
  • Acelerar

    • Founded: Based in the high-tech suburb of New Delhi
    • Overview: Employs college graduates and subjects them to 2-weeks of intensive virtual assistant training.

Acelerar provide round the clock virtual assistant service for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

  • MyTasker

    • Founded: 2012 by three veteran VAs who brought their experience to the table
    • Overview: Other than general administrative tasks, MyTasker also offers SEO and virtual receptionist services.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: Europe/UK

The UK and Europe are also regions with a fast growing outsourcing industry.

  • Worldwide101

    • Founded: 2009 by Sandra Lewis
    • Overview: An International premium virtual assistant company with clients and assistants in North America and Europe. Their approach is very personalized – making sure that clients are assistants are carefully matched based on skills and personality.
  • Time Etc

    • Founded: 2007 by entrepreneur Barnaby Lashbrooke
    • Overview: Initially a UK-based virtual assistant company but has now expanded into the US. They only employ professional VAs with at least 5 years commercial experience.
  • AVirtual

    • Founded: 2014 by Richard Walton
    • Overview: A South Africa-based virtual assistant company targeting clients from the UK.

Most assistants have either lived or worked in London, giving them a good understanding of UK business practice.

A Good Alternative

While virtual assistants are becoming more and more diverse, it is still very limited to what can be done remotely. Virtual assistants are unable to do tasks that require them to be physically present.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant available anywhere in the world. Serviceable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Magic will fulfill any request as long as it is possible and legal.


Would an Executive Personal Assistant NYC Make You More Productive?

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are in New York and in need of an executive personal assistant NYC, they can work for you virtually. 


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Nowadays, even if you are inside or outside New York, more and more daily average tasks can be outsourced by having an executive personal assistant.  From ordering weekly planned meals, to paying bills, even down to getting your email organized.

All of these service providers promise one thing – free up your time, at a small cost.

Hiring an executive personal assistant has gained popularity since the boom of offshore ‘virtual PAsAssistants from India and the Philippines offering their services for about $1-3 per hour have made it more possible for entrepreneurs and even mid-level executives to consider getting themselves a personal assistant.

But the million dollar question is this: Would an Executive Personal Assistant NYC Really Make You More Productive?

What Can an Executive Personal Assistant NYC Do?

Living in New York is stressful enough. Running a big time or start up company can multiply that up to a thousand times.

Lisa Krohn, who has done personal assistant jobs for Martha Stewart and Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), tells her clients that “I will take away everything in your life and take care of it”– except whatever it is that you do best.

“I will take away everything in your life and take care of it” – Lisa Krohn

So what can a personal assistant doEssentially anything – from handling emails, organizing your schedule, booking trips, researching, to doing your morning coffee runs.

Difference Between Two Workflows

This infographic by Sid Savara quickly explains a basic workflow without an executive personal assistant versus having one:

Without a Personal Assistant:

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This base task workflow is very linear. The beauty is in its simplicity. The quality is consistent and there is only one point of contact, making communication a lot easier.

But with a single point of contact comes a single point of failure.

With a Personal Assistant:

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Having two people did increase efficiency, but only after going through setting up initial expectations and ironing out kinks. Although the need to review the work of the assistant may seem like an extra step, this process takes a lot less time than actually doing it.

Delegation is Key 

If you have decided to finally hire someone, be it a short-term engagement or a for a full-time position, keep this in mind: A personal assistant is only as effective as your capacity to delegate. 

Finding the appropriate workload that can be taken on – or restructured to be partially taken on – by the assistant is a crucial necessity to harnessing a streamlined workflow between you and your assistant.

How to Find an Assistant whether you are in New York or not?

Outsourcing companies around the globe offer match-making services to make sure you find an assistant that fits your needs and lifestyle. However, going through agencies is only cost-efficient if you are looking for a full-timer. Posting an ad on Craigslist or perusing Care.com is a good place to start.

One of the biggest hurdles in hiring a personal assistant is that people don’t know what they need. One day you may need coffee runs and ordering lunch then the next day, research and content writing.

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If hiring a full-time personal assistant for odd jobs every now and then makes you feel uncomfortable, then an on-demand personal assistant service might be more appropriate for your needs.

Magic is a text-based service that can do anything for you (provided that it’s legal and possible). A team of highly skilled individuals ensures that all the logistics needed to make your request happen are in place.