Virtual Assistant NYC: Helping You Operate Your Business

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New York City, dubbed the Empire State, is home to many big business establishments. It is the place where many business magnates operate and consequently require assistance. Here are a few examples of virtual assistant NYC that you can try.

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Looking for a virtual assistant NYC?

Remote Virtual Assistant Agency

This virtual assistant NYC specializes in helping businesses and entrepreneurs manage and grow their company. For several years, Remote Virtual Assistant Agency has been helping businesses of different industries. Some of the things they offer to their clients are:

  • Admin support
  • Customer support
  • Back office support
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing

The Team Matrix

The Team Matrix is a company that caters to a lot of businesses. They specialize in application development and digital marketing for a lot of business industries. Some of these industries are travel, entertainment, food and beverages, and also fashion. If you try their virtual assistance services, you can expect:

  • Personal assistant/secretary services
  • Online researching services
  • Admin support
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Marketing services

Aside from those things stated, they also do cloud computing, software developing, online branding, and strategy consulting.

Search Locol

Search Locol offers all kinds of digital marketing. However, they also have cost-effective and efficient virtual assistants. They understand the difficulties of handling a business, hence, they want to help their clients as much as possible. Aside from virtual assistant NYC, here are some other services that they also offer:

  • Local Listings
  • Graphic design
  • Content writing
  • Email marketing
  • Sales promotion


virtual assistant nyc

Magic is an online concierge service that helps their clients with anything that they want. Though not based in New Yok City, Magic can give service to their clients wherever they may be in the country or in the world. It also operates 24/7 so you can reach them anytime you want, even on holidays.

They can also help you with anything regarding your business, and can even help you with post-work concerns.


MORE Personal Assistant Services NYC For Your Needs!

personal assistant services nyc

Are you finding yourself getting busier and busier every day, and you just can’t help thinking about seeking assistance from other people?

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We have enlisted how to get a personal assistant in New York before. However, if those aren’t enough and you still can’t find the right assistant for you, here are more personal assistant services NYC that you can check out!

personal assistant services nyc
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Personal Assistant Services NYC

Just letting you know that you are understood! Life and work demands are constantly piling up and the things that we have to do and accomplish are simply never-ending. You can also find yourself so engrossed with different tasks that you no longer have time to do anything else. Here are personal assistant services NYC that can help you.

Lambent Services

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Lambent is a personal assistant service and staffing company with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and other U.S. cities. Basically, they can provide hourly and temporary assistants. They also have part-time assistants who can work with their clients for 5 to 20 hours per week. Some of the things that Lambent Services can offer are:

  • Staffing for family offices
  • Executive and personal assistant placements
  • Executive recruitment

Elite Custom Concierge New York

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Elite Custom Concierge New York is a personal concierge service based in New York City. They claim to have the most concierge and lifestyle experience than any other company in New York. With that said, they know the places to go and things to do in case you seek for their assistance. They have personal assistants who can work for you temporarily for a few months and on a one-time basis. Some of their services include:

  • Personal shopping
  • Car maintenance
  • Errand running
  • Travel planning
  • Holiday assistance
  • Home management
  • Virtual assistance
  • VIP services
  • Special events planning

Accentuating Service

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Accentuating Service is a personal assistant and coaching service in New York City. They can do more than just personal assistance because they have several other services, such as life coaching and personal development. If you have so many things going on, they can help you reduce some stress in your life. They also have several business partners who can also do many things for you. Other things that they can do for you include:

  • Career, life, and dating coaching
  • Executive and virtual assistant services
  • Party and event planning
  • Travel planning
  • Online researching
  • Organizing and de-cluttering
  • Booking event tickets
  • Making hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Writing, proofreading, and editing
  • Expert resume services and training for interviews
  • Companionship for seniors and the homebound

Magic: On-demand Personal Assistant

personal assistant services nyc

Lastly, Magic is an online concierge service based in San Francisco, California. They gave give you their service wherever you may be in the country. The services they can offer surpass any other personal assistant services because they can do literally whatever you want whenever you need it. It operates 24/7 all year round – no days off, no time out, no holidays!


Personal Assistant to CEO NYC: An Invaluable Aid

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are a CEO or businessman in New York looking for a personal assistant, they are the one for you. 


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A personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer can be a crucial position for any company. His or her role can be immensely helpful if efficient, and professionally punishing if not. He or she is given difficult tasks to accomplish and is trusted to think and find feasible long-term solutions to any difficulties that an organization might be going through.

While “Personal Assistant to CEO NYC” might sound like an inspiring rags-to-riches success story, if you’re reading it in a job posting, it actually means working as a committed personal assistant for a CEO.

Aside from having basic skills and intellectual capacity, a CEO’s personal assistant is also expected to possess a set of values that will generate good, acceptable outcomes for the company.

Due to the ubiquity of chief executives relying on them, if a personal assistant gets fired or decides to resign, companies tend to urgently look for a replacement.

How is it different from an Executive Assistant?

Many people think that a personal assistant to the CEO and executive assistants are essentially the same; they are not. Despite the fact that many companies hire one person to fill both roles, there are still some fundamental differences.

In a general sense, executive assistants take the higher position. Even though the two share the similar tasks and job description, executive assistants take on additional responsibilities such as making decisions in the absence of the Senior Executive.

Duties to be fulfilled by a Personal Assistant to CEO NYC

Some of the highest paid CEO’s are in New York. That is why they must have the best assistant you can give them the best service possible.

In a nutshell, a personal assistant to a CEO NYC often acts as a link between the CEO and the managerial teams, department heads, and supervisors. Other duties that may be assigned to them include:

  • Organizing and scheduling meetings/conferences
  • To book tickets and arrange accommodation for a manager’s travel
  • Taking notes of the proceedings during meetings
  • Checking and responding to important business-related emails
  • Preparing significant documents and presentations

Hire a personal assistant to CEO NYC virtually

Looking for a personal assistant to CEO NYC may be a serious ordeal if you need it as soon as possible.  Luckily there are virtual assistant services that obviate the need for a hiring process altogether.


Personal Assistant Wanted NYC: Looking for a Person who can Help Me

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are in New York and are thinking of posting a classifieds ad like, “personal assistant wanted NYC”, 


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Looking for a personal assistant in New York who is qualified enough to work with you can be a long and exhausting process. Is a personal assistant wanted in your life?

A personal assistant in New York is hired to perform different tasks that he or she is asked to do and ultimately satisfy your needs. He or she is expected to be flexible and strategic enough to accomplish any job.

Personal Assistant Wanted NYC: Finding and Hiring Your Own

You probably know by now that through different methods, hiring a personal assistant is easy, especially in New York where people are really busy and personal assistants are highly needed.

Looking for a personal assistant is not much of a trouble because there are technological devices that can help you find one. Nevertheless, even if there are many ways to get a personal assistant, they may function in different ways.

When hiring a personal assistant who will work with you full-time or by the hour means, you will need to have a definite description of what they will do for you.

Personal Assistant Wanted NYC: Some ways a Personal Assistant can Help

  • Health Care

    • To an extent, there are also personal assistants who looked after their client’s fitness and physical well-being. There are some personal assistants who can look after you when you get sick, keep track of your medicine intake, look after the elderly, assist you in any difficulties because of physical conditions and so much more.
  • Domestic help

    • This has got to be one of the biggest helps a personal assistant can give. Maintaining a clean home can be a bit challenging if you have other things to do too. Personal assistants can ease a lot of your troubles regarding the cleanliness of your house by doing some of the chores for you.
  • Retail

    • Need to grab some groceries or want to buy some items in the mall but do not have the time for it? Do not worry! A personal assistant can help you with just that. They can also help in purchasing in-demand items that get sold fast or are sold in distant shops.
  • Office work

    • A professional job can be one of the biggest causes of a person’s stress. Work that needs to be done and deadlines that need to be met just keep on coming and coming. Personal assistants can lift so much weight off your shoulders and help you manage some of your administrative work.
  • Other concerns

    • A person’s needs and wants are simply never-ending. It just keeps on coming and changing every single day. However, time and other instances may not be too charitable to let you get what you need and want. A personal assistant can be a useful aid with trying to achieve just that. As stated above, his or her work will depend on what you will ask him or her to do.

Personal Assistant Wanted NYC: Try Magic

One problem that makes looking for a personal assistant difficult is that they usually have their specializations. They can do very well in doing one task but can be equally terrible in doing other things. Even personal assistant apps have limitations and cannot do a list of commands that are not part of their system or functions.

However, there is one personal assistant application that surpasses that problem. This specific application can literally do anything without having any specializations or limitations. That is Magic!



Work from Home Virtual Assistant NYC: Providing Services Remotely

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you need or want a work from home virtual assistant NYC, they can be one for you.


work from home virtual assistant nyc
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Do you live in New York and have you ever considered hiring a work from home virtual assistant?

New York is one of the busiest places in the world. People who have a hectic schedule and a hard time squeezing in everything they need, benefit greatly from having a work from home virtual assistant.

The benefits of a work from home virtual assistant are getting more and more recognized among professionals and business people as those individuals rely more and more on VAs to handle the tasks that once bogged them down.

A work from home virtual assistant provides services to their employers virtually, meaning remotely over the telephone or the internet. They can do tasks ranging from administrative and technical to creative and personal, depending on what is ultimately needed.

Since they are working from home, they are considered independent contractors who work either on their own or with a team that they communicate with over the internet.

What Can your Work from Home Virtual Assistant NYC Do?

These virtual assistants are able to complete tasks and provide services that any regular secretary or personal assistant can do. The only limitation is that they cannot carry out tasks that require them to be physically present.

A work from home virtual assistant is able to do a wide range of tasks including:

  • Managing your emails
  • Scheduling your appointments with your doctor, salon, etc.
  • Scheduling your meetings
  • Booking flights
  • Searching for venues for special events
  • Making hotel reservations
  • Finding a home cleaning or repair service
  • Looking for a pet sitter
  • Financial Bookkeeping
  • Creating presentations
  • Managing your social media

While they are doing their work from home, these assistants are able to focus on the tasks they need to do. They provide the best services at an affordable cost.

What are the Advantages of Having a Work from Home Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant to do your tasks for you can provide multiple benefits. You can get more time on your hands and focus on other things that you need to do. Furthermore, they:

  • Have a pay that is relatively lower than a regular employee since they do not need to report to their employer physically
  • You can have the option of setting the contract (full-time, part-time, or hourly) depending on your need
  • Are flexible and willing to take on various tasks
  • You can hire a single VA or multiple VAs if you need it
  • You do not have to worry about providing benefits and bonuses.


Apple Personal Assistant NYC: Siri in the City that Never Sleeps

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are looking for an Apple personal assistant NYC alternative, Magic is the perfect one for you. 


apple personal assistant nyc
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Majority of New Yorkers, especially the ones living in downtown, are iPhone users. If you are one of those New Yorkers with an Apple product, then it is best to know how to maximize its usage.

Since the iPhone 4S model was released years back, Siri became famous worldwide as the Apple personal assistant. Before Siri, voice-controlled assistants were something that smartphone users only dreamed of.

However, with more and more Apple devices that are released in the market nowadays, Siri has become an essential tool in the lives of Apple device users.

Still, Apple product users who have been using Siri for many years now continue to be amazed by the multitude of tasks that Siri can do for them. Apple now hosts a website for Siri so users can easily browse for the various commands and tasks that they can assign Siri.

What Are the Things You Can Command your Apple Personal Assistant NYC?

As we have mentioned, there are hundreds of tasks that Siri can do for you, right from your Apple device. Here are a few examples:


  • “Call back the last call”
  • “Check mail from ____”
  • “Read the last message from ____”
  • “Check what’s trending on Twitter”
  • “Tweet/ Post to Twitter/Facebook with my location “New York is wonderful’’
  • “Did I receive any email about parties?”


  • “Where is the nearest grocery?
  • “What time does Target open?”
  • “Find a pizza place near me”
  • “What’s the best diner in New Jersey”
  • “Find me a hair salon”
  • “What is my exact location?”
  • “What is the time in Japan?”

Events and Scheduling:

  • “Check my schedule for today/ tomorrow”
  • “What is the location of my next meeting?”
  • “Schedule a meeting with ____ on Friday at 2 pm”
  • “Remind me to drop by mom’s house in the afternoon”
  • “Wake me up at 6 am”
  • “Read my to-do list”

Give Answers to Various Questions

  • “What is the weather like today?”
  • “When is daylight saving time?”
  • “Which team won the NBA Finals game?”
  • “When was the Industrial Revolution?”
  • “What is the current temperature outside?”
  • “What is the lifespan of a penguin?”


  • “What movies are showing at the local cinema?”
  • “Show the trailer for Wonder Woman”
  • “Who is the artist of this song?”
  • “Find books by Murakami”
  • “What is your recommended movie?”
  • “Shuffle my music”

These are just some of the commands that you can ask Siri to do for you aside from the usual Phone command settings. There are a wide array of tasks and commands that Siri can do, in addition to the questions that she can answer for you.

Apple Personal Assistant NYC: The Perfect Alternative

However, most of the things that Siri can do are still limited to the functions of your phone and applications. If you are looking for a much more efficient Apple personal assistant NYC, you should try Magic.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that you can ask to do chores and tasks for you. Just by simply texting a special number or downloading the iOs app, you can ask Magic to:

  • Order food and have it delivered to you or a friend
  • Book plane tickets
  • Find a venue and have it reserved for you
  • Schedule your meetings and appointments

The great thing about Magic is that it is not limited to the confines of what your phone can do. So, if you are looking for an Apple personal assistant in addition to your Siri, try using Magic!


Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Things to Consider

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are seeking personal assistant NYC, their on-demand services might just be what you need. Try Magic Now.

seeking personal assistant nyc
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Seeking a personal assistant in New York is a necessary step towards a a life with reduced worries and complications. However, getting the perfect personal assistant can be a challenging process. There are things that you should keep a keen eye on so that your selected personal assistant will be as effective and as productive as you need him or her to be.

Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Look for One

What Do I Need Them For?

The ways a personal assistant can help you are countless; However, different people have different capabilities. Even though they are basic tasks, each task you request from them requires a set of skills to achieve the best results. You should be decisive and have a specific list of tasks that you want to ask before you hire your personal assistant.

How Much is My Budget?

Depending on your approach, getting a personal assistant can be costly especially if you are hiring a person to work full-time for you. Your actual requirements might be light but if you want assistance on-demand throughout the day, you may not have the money to pay for that level of responsiveness.

Just like their skill sets, personal assistant rates differ from one another. You need to choose someone who can meet your needs and your budget.

How is the Personal Assistant’s Performance?

You should consider the metrics you plan to use to track the work of your personal assistant and assure the quality of the tasks they are doing. Reviews and feedback from previous employers or clients will be very helpful to check if a certain personal assistant is really qualified to work with you and can do the task that will be assigned to them.

Seeking Personal Assistant NYC: Where can you find one?

Living in New York is already tough. If your daily life is getting more exacting every day and you need a personal assistant now, you can get one instantly. MAGIC can give you a personal assistant that can work remotely; Magic can grant any request from their clients who should expect swift and impressive results.

So, if you are seeking a personal assistant, start thinking about the considerations above and if you need help right this second, MAGIC as a must-try!

If you want to try their service, you can just text “M4SEEKPANYC” to (408) 217 – 1721. You can also visit their website or download the iOS app.

Learn more about Magic here

Personal Online Assistant NYC: 4 Main Tasks to Delegate

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want a personal online assistant NYC who can work for when you are in New York, they can do it for you. 


personal online assistant nyc
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Whether you may be in New York or not, having a personal online assistant NYC who can effectively do tasks for you is an incredible experience.

New York is a concrete jungle filled with people living busy lives. That is why having a good personal online assistant NYC can potentially double your work efficiency – allowing you to get things done faster and become more productive. 

What Can You Delegate to a Personal Online Assistant NYC?

General Administrative Tasks

For people who have a hard time managing the things they need to do, a general assistant can provide great help. They make sure that you are on track with the things that you need to do by:

  • Managing your emails
  • Scheduling your activities
  • Setting your appointments and meetings
  • Reminding you of your daily tasks
  • Responding to clients

Personal Tasks

Personal tasks and errands can take up a lot of your time. You can have your personal online assistant (or find someone who can) do these for you:

  • Find a home cleaning service
  • Book flight tickets for work or vacation
  • Order food and have it delivered to you
  • Send or receive a package
  • Find the right vendors and services for your events
  • Set up appointments with your dentist

 Content Writing and Online Research

One of the most in-demand online jobs is doing research and writing content. You can have your PA write various content like:

  • Blog articles
  • Email promotions
  • Product Reviews
  • General articles
  • News articles
  • Social media status updates
  • Research papers

Technical Tasks

Technical tasks are difficult to accomplish for someone who does not have the right skills. You can hire a skilled personal assistant who can do technical tasks like:

These are just four of the tasks that you can delegate to your personal online assistant NYC. The list is endless when you find the right assistant who has the right skills to help you with whatever task you need to accomplish.


Hire a Schedule Assistant to Have a Balanced and Stress-Free Life!

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime, anywhere. If you want a schedule assistant who can help you manage your daily activities, Magic can do it for you. 


schedule assistant
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What is a Schedule Assistant?

A schedule assistant is someone who can assist you with all your scheduling and other calendar organization needs. From your professional matters to your personal activities, he or she can help you with organizing and keeping track of all of these.

Why hire one?

Having a hard time keeping up with your meetings, appointments, and other activities? Well, a schedule assistant can greatly help you with that. He or she can also equally distribute your work and personal life so you can ensure that you have enough time to do everything.

You can hire this certain kind of assistant to have an organized schedule, a balanced life, and stress-free management of your activities.

What can a Schedule Assistant Do for You?

A schedule assistant can do more than just taking care of your schedule and appointments. They can also do the following for you:

  • Give you daily updates to freshen your mind with the things you need to do.
  • Remind you every once in a while so that you will never forget an important event.
  • Give you details about what you need to do or what you need to attend to.
  • Postpone, reschedule, or cancel meetings.
  • Plan your weekend activities.
  • …and more!

Get a Schedule Assistant by sending a text

If you want an assistant who can take care of your scheduling needs and more, Magic is your best choice! The best thing about Magic is their services are on-demand. So you can ask for help only when you really need it – no need to hire a full-time schedule assistant. 



What Do Virtual Assistants Do NYC: Quick Facts That You Need to Know

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you want to know what do virtual assistants do NYC and have a firsthand experience, send a text now.


what do virtual assistants do nyc
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Busy people, especially the ones living in New York, need all the help and assistance they can get to accomplish the things they need to do. One of the best ways to efficiently seek help is by hiring a virtual assistant (VA).  But what do virtual assistants do? Where can I find a virtual assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants help people with their tasks, long-term or project-based, as long as these can be done remotely.

Virtual assistants are…

  • skilled individuals who can provide a wide array of assistance ranging from business, technical, administrative, or personal tasks.
  • able to work for you in whatever time fits your schedule.
  • more cost-effective than hiring an in-office staff.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do NYC?

Since VAs are skilled individuals, they can do various tasks for you such as:

  • Manage your emails
  • Write content for emails, blogs, websites, and social media
  • Manage your schedules
  • Set appointments and meetings
  • Find a home cleaning or repair service
  • Book plane tickets
  • Get hotel reservations
  • Purchase anything online
  • Set up websites and blogs
  • Keep track of your finances
  • Create posters, flyers, and brochures

Where Can You Find a Virtual Assistant?

You can even find virtual assistants outside of New York and they can work remotely for you. There are quite a number of VA platforms over the internet which you can use. You can opt for a specific VA service like getting food deliveries, or a VA that you will be paying on a weekly or monthly basis.

For example, Upwork lets you hire a VA and choose whether you would like to have an hourly, or project-based contract with him or her. You can also choose if you would like your VA to work part-time or full-time.

Another platform is Zirtual, which is great for businessmen and professionals. They offer a monthly rate that starts at $398 for 12 hours.

If you are looking for an on-demand personal assistant, you can use Magic. It carries out personal and work-related tasks anytime you need it. What’s more, you can simply text Magic and get started right away with no obligations or hidden fees.