Evolution of The Personal Data Assistant

From a humble personal data assistant (PDA) to the now powerful smartphone, it is fairly amusing to see how far technology has taken us.

Evolution of The Personal Data Assistant

  • Ring-bound Organizer

    personal data assistant
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    Commonly called Filofax, these organizers became popular in the late 1970s to early 1980s. It is a 6-ring bound A5 set of sheets for notes, phone number, addresses, and office-related tasks separated by colorful dividers.

  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs)

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    Electronic organizers eventually supplanted the Filofax. Standard functions include calendar and address book, among others.

  • Network-enabled PDAs

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    Nokia introduced the first Network-enabled PDAs (PDA with a mobile phone built into it). The Nokia 9110 is a large mobile phone that opened out into a screen and keyboard device.

  • Smartphones

    Sony Ericson and Nokia were the market leaders before being supplanted by Apple and Samsung. Smartphones are very similar to network-enabled PDAs except they are designed to function as mobile phones first. It has limited PDA functionality. 

Functionalities of a personal data assistant are exponentially growing. The emergence of apps has introduced a whole world of uses for smartphones.

Personal Assistant Apps for Smartphones:

Mobile personal assistants like Siri are shaping the trends for today’s personal data assistants. Functions like voice command and artificial intelligence are redefining the way we live.

Here are some of the best personal digital assistants:


Virtual Assistant Free Trial – Try Before You Commit

virtual assistant free trial

Premium services like those providing high-end virtual assistance should require more diligent deliberation before committing. It is highly suggested to take advantage of any virtual assistant free trial promotions before paying the full subscription fee.

virtual assistant free trial
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But first…

Here are some of the Best Virtual Assistants for every Task:

For Hospitality

  • Hello Alfred
  • OkayRelax

For Small Businesses

For One-time Projects

For On-demand Tasks

Unfortunately, not all virtual assistant companies offer a free trial (and those that do can come with strings attached). So we made a list of some virtual assistant free trials that are worth trying.

virtual assistant free trial
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Here’s some Virtual Assistant Free Trial that are Worth your Time:

  • My Tasker
    • Trial Activation Fee: US$ 1
    • Send a trial task to experience and evaluate the quality before you commit to a plan
  • 24 Task
    • First 10 hours free
    • $2.99 / hour for FIRST 2 months for any plan (VIP, Plus+, or by the hour)
  • Gabbyville Virtual Receptionists and Answering Services
    • Offers 7-day free trial upon sign up
    • After the Free Trial, there is a $99 setup charge


Wanted Personal Assistant – 3 Ways to Find Them

wanted personal assistant

Aimlessly posting “Wanted Personal Assistant” typically results in two things:

  1. taking too long to get responses to your post
  2. costing too much for candidates that meet your expectations

There are 3 different ways to help you find a personal assistant you want:

  • Job Boards

    wanted personal assistant
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    • When you sign up to a job board, you will be able to access a wide database of potential candidates.

    • What to do: All you have to do is filter through each of them – according to rate, qualifications, etc.
    • Check out: www.onlinejobs.ph
  • Third Party Companies

    wanted personal assistant
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    • Third party companies will act as a middle man between you and the personal assistant.

    • What to do: The company will find a match for you (personality-wise and timezone) and will also take care of salaries.
    • Check out: www.247virtualassistants.com
  • On-Demand Personal Assistants

    • If your work load is unpredictable and you don’t see the need for a dedicated personal assistant, try an on-demand personal assistant.

    • What to do: Simply send a text or email describing the request, and an assistant will get on it as soon as they can. You can also indicate if the request is urgent or has a deadline.


Virtual Assistant International Companies Worth A Look

The virtual assistant (VA) industry has been seeing growth outside the United States. Virtual assistant international companies mainly from Asia, India and the UK are now becoming strong contenders. 

So we have listed some international companies worth a look:

Virtual Assistant International Spotlight: Philippines

virtual assistant international
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In the last decade, outsourcing businesses have been a boom in the Philippines. Young, talented, and ambitious Filipinos capitalized on this growth. This propelled them to being one of the best locations to find an excellent virtual assistant.

  • OnlineJobs PH

    • Founded: 2009 by Utah-based entrepreneur, John Jonas
    • Overview: A remote job board for Filipinos.

Create a way to tap into the affordable Filipino workforce to the rest of the world.

  • Virtual Coworker

    • Founded: 2011 in Australia by Braden Yuill
    • Overview: A remote staffing agency. They work exclusively with Filipino virtual employees. Candidates go through rigorous screening before being matched with a client.
  • Prialto

    • Founded: Portland, Oregon
    • Overview: Employs a global staff mainly from Asia and Central America. They provide virtual executive assistant services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Virtual Assistant International Spotlight: India

virtual assistant international
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India has long been known for its outsourcing businesses. It is home to many virtual assistant companies and most of its workforce are excellent English speakers. No wonder India is people’s top-of-mind when it comes to virtual assistance.

  • 24/7 Virtual

    • Founded: 2008 with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India.
    • Overview: Geared towards small businesses. Clients can train their dedicated assistants to the specific needs of their business.
  • Acelerar

    • Founded: Based in the high-tech suburb of New Delhi
    • Overview: Employs college graduates and subjects them to 2-weeks of intensive virtual assistant training.

Acelerar provide round the clock virtual assistant service for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

  • MyTasker

    • Founded: 2012 by three veteran VAs who brought their experience to the table
    • Overview: Other than general administrative tasks, MyTasker also offers SEO and virtual receptionist services.

Virtual Assistant International Spotlight: Europe/UK

virtual assistant international
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The UK and Europe are also regions with a fast growing outsourcing industry.

  • Worldwide101

    • Founded: 2009 by Sandra Lewis
    • Overview: An International premium virtual assistant company with clients and assistants in North America and Europe. Their approach is very personalized – making sure that clients are assistants are carefully matched based on skills and personality.
  • Time Etc

    • Founded: 2007 by entrepreneur Barnaby Lashbrooke
    • Overview: Initially a UK-based virtual assistant company but has now expanded into the US. They only employ professional VAs with at least 5 years commercial experience.
  • AVirtual

    • Founded: 2014 by Richard Walton
    • Overview: A South Africa-based virtual assistant company targeting clients from the UK.

Most assistants have either lived or worked in London, giving them a good understanding of UK business practice.

A Good Alternative

While virtual assistants are becoming more and more diverse, it is still very limited to what can be done remotely. Virtual assistants are unable to do tasks that require them to be physically present.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant available anywhere in the world. Serviceable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Magic will fulfill any request as long as it is possible and legal.


Top 6 Virtual Assistant Company in USA

What is a Virtual Assistant Company

A Virtual Assistant company is basically a firm that provides outsourcing services. Some companies are based in the US but it is not unusual that some of them are based internationally (Philippines and India). They have a pool of highly skilled and specialized virtual assistants they specifically match with a client.

virtual assistant company

Why Hire from a Virtual Assistant Company

There are several advantages to hiring a virtual assistant through a virtual assistant company as compared to a direct hire.

  1. Does the bulk of the recruiting and screening legwork 
  2. Find a replacement when your VA gets sick, goes on vacation, or gets promoted/fired
  3. Can match  you up with highly specialized VAs if you want an “all-around” assistant
  4. Makes taxation simpler

Top 6 Virtual Companies in USA

    • Best for 24/7, 365 Service: Magic On-Demand Personal Assistantvirtual assistant company

      • Established Year: 2015
      • Rate: $35 per hour, billable by the minute

Magic is a text-based concierge service. This on-demand personal assistant service promises to fulfill any demand – as long as it’s legal and possible.They can also do one-time requests or recurring tasks such as calendar management.


  • Best for Specialized Tasks: Virtual Assist USAvirtual assistant company

    • Established Year: 2007
    • Rate: $35/hour, with no monthly minimum

Virtual Assist USA assistants are skilled to handle more specific tasks such as social media managing, SEO, content development, or graphic design. The company also provides continuing training to up-skill its employees.

  • Best for General/Traditional Office Work: Time Etcvirtual assistant company

    • Established Year: 2007
    • Rate: $26/hour, minimum of 3 hours

Time Etc assistants helps busy entrepreneur with their day-to-day tasks. They best handle basic administrative work. A free-trial is available if you want to try Time Etc. They also provide a money-back guarantee.

  • Best for Both Onshore or Offshore VA: 24/7 Virtual Assistvirtual assistant company

    • Established Year: 2008
    • Rate: $299 for 30 hours/month

24/7 Virtual Assist has both US-based as well as offshore assistants. For businesses looking into expanding their operating hours to a 24-hour support, offshore assistants are a good option.

  • Best for Bilingual VAs (Spanish and English): Uassist.MEvirtual assistant company

    • Established Year: 2009
    • Rate: $269 for 20 hours

Established in El Salvador, most Uassist.ME assistants are bilingual and can write in both Spanish and English. They are able to handle general administrative work as well as technical tasks like translating, customer service or law.

  • Best for Odd Jobs: TaskRabbitvirtual assistant company

    • Established Year: 2008
    • Rate: Depends on task

TaskRabbit is a diverse platform for home services . From minor home repair, furniture assembly, to cleaning – all you have to do is post the specifics of the job and when you need it done, TaskRabbit will match you to a list of qualified workers in your local area.

To find the best virtual assistant that fits what your business needs, you need to make sure that the virtual assistant company is in line with what you are looking for. 

Remember, your virtual assistant is a direct reflection of you and will represent your business – choose wisely.


Why You Need a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Effectively tapping into such a rich pool of potential consumers is every business owner’s dream. This is something a social media virtual assistant can help you achieve.

Social Media has long established its place in marketing. About 2.34 billion people all around the world are social media users. In effect, people are connected now more than ever.

social media virtual assistant

But if you think Social Media Marketing is all about setting up a Facebook profile, you are wrong.

There is a lot more to social media than just posting photos every now and then. Only experts can bring out the best in your business through social media.

What Can Social Media Do for your Business:

social media virtual assistant
Credit: LinkedIn

Let the numbers do the talking:

  • 3 out of 5 small businesses credit social media for gaining new customers
  • 99% of the top brands are on Facebook
  • 64% Twitter users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online

If that does not convince you enough, here are some benefits social media can do for your business.

  1. Enhance Brand Exposure and Equity. One post is not restricted to your country and can be seen by millions of people. People often see your value in the number of your followers, therefore: more followers, greater valuation.
  2. Lead Generation. People who visit your page are more likely to be potential customers.
  3. Get to know the Target Market. Analytics in social media channels provides valuable insights about your audience. This will allow you to create content they would enjoy.
  4. Quick Customer Service. Address grievances straight away by quickly replying in the comments or sending them a message.
  5. Open Up for Collaborations and Keep up with Trends. Expand your network by collaborating with other similar brands.
  6. Monitor Competition. Monitor the activities of your competitors and observe what strategies work for them.

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

social media virtual assistant

A social media virtual assistant is a remote employee whose expertise is in social media marketing. Not only does it save you the overhead cost of hiring an in-office staff, you also don’t have to go through the learning curve of each social media channel.

A social media virtual assistant knows the world of social media intimately. Leveraging this knowledge will help your business become more visible to potential customers.

Tasks a social media virtual assistant can do for you:

  1. Create Content. Engage your potential consumers through well-research and useful content.
  2. Engage with Audience. Nothing makes a customer feel valued than a personal response to their query.
  3. Social Media Profile Upkeep. Maintain quality by keeping your page updated, and replying to comments in a timely manner.
  4. Manage Facebook Ads. Takes care of tasks related to Facebook ads like keyword research, SEO, and analysis of the ad campaign.
  5. Competitive Analysis. Keeps an eye on the competition and observe what strategies work for them.

Where to Find a Good Social Media Virtual Assistant:

Now that you have realized how valuable a social media virtual assistant is, the question now is where do you find one?

social media virtual assistant

These are just some good resource to start your search for a good social media virtual assistant search for a good social media virtual assistant:

  • Guru / Upwork
    • Both Guru and Upwork are online platforms for freelancers to post their competitive profiles. Once you have set up an employee account, you can then interview and hire a virtual assistant.
  • VA Networking
    • VA Networking is the biggest social media network for a virtual assistant. Just send a Request for Proposal in order to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing.


A social media virtual assistant can do so much for your business. It has become a necessary evil in this highly competitive digital environment. Either go through the learning curve of social media marketing or use a service like Magic to hire an expert social media virtual assistant and start growing your business today.


Get a Personal Assistant On Demand From These 3 Start-Ups!

Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant on demand for those rare moments you need a helping hand?

Maybe you need someone to drive across town and back while you’re in a meeting. Perhaps you just need someone to call customer service for you, so you don’t have to waste hours of your day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant on demand?

Personal Assistant On Demand
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It would be convenient if someone could just call customer service for you that way you don’t have to listen to their hold music for hours.

Thanks to people’s constant pursuit for a better life, services like these do exist. Personal assistant on demand is a service that promises to fulfill a wide range of requests for a fee. 

These personal assistant services claim to be very flexible and are able to handle anything from simple errands to hours of event planning.

3 Start-Ups where you can get a Personal Assistant On Demand:

Here’s a list of three start-ups who provide on-demand personal assistance – making it a lot easier to delegate your daily mundane tasks.


  • Personal Assistant On DemandWhat it offers:
    • Perssist (from ‘personal’ and ‘assistant’) is a virtual personal assistant that provides 24/7 on-demand support.
  • Real Life Request:

    The airline lost my checked bag. Here’s the ticket number from the bag and my flight info. Can you call them and find out what’s going on and how I can get it back?

  • Pricing:
    • $28 billed monthly for 2 hours
    • more plans for more hours and higher priority

Hello Alfred

Personal Assistant On Demand
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  • What it offers:
    • HelloAlfred is a personal hospitality assistance service who could do time-consuming tasks like house cleaning and grocery shopping.
  • Real Life Request:

    I’ve used Alfred for a year. It’s freed up my weekends. Rather than spending Saturday running errands, I go to brunch with friends, sleep in, or go to the gym.

  • Pricing: 


  • What it offers:
  • Real Life Request:

    Hey Magic! I want to surprise my girlfriend with a well planned date night. I’m not the best at planning. Something simple like dinner and a movie.

  • Pricing:
    • $35/hour billable by the minute to make sure you only pay for the actual work spent on your request


These three start-ups share a similar vision – to make personal assistance service available to more people.

Time is not luxury and it shouldn’t be.

Everyone should have the time to relax, spend time with family and friends and have hobbies – not slave away in chores and time-consuming tasks.  Personal assistant on demand services will definitely change the life of anyone who uses it. 

Looking for Personal Assistant? Check Out these Sites

Days are filling up with time-consuming tasks but you are far too busy working on more important things and tasks are getting overlooked. Finally, you have realized the need to start looking for personal assistant (PA) help

looking for personal assistant
Image Credits

You need help and you need it now – but where do you find a personal business executiveWhen you type ‘looking for personal assistant’ on a search engine, do not be surprised if it floods with a million results.

looking for personal assistant
Image Credits

The best first step when looking for a personal assistant is to find websites that offer honest customer reviews of Personal Assistant Hiring Companies – more like a Yelp for PA companies.

Helpful Websites When Looking for Personal Assistant

looking for personal assistant
Image Credits

Best Virtual Assistant Services

This website helps you make a decision about which is the best virtual assistant company for your needs.

  • Choose from their categories such as Task-based Virtual Assistants, Voice Support Assistants, etc.
  • Compare high-performing companies based on their reviews
  • Choose what works for you

Virtual Assistant Assistant

‘Save time, money and headache’. Virtual Assistant Assistant is the first and largest database of VA company reviews written by actual customers.

  • Search a company 
  • Easily read reviews about them
  • Compare multiple companies according to their star rating

Personal Assistant Hiring Companies

Now that you are armed with customer reviews, it will be easier to browse through various companies and see what they have got to offer. Each would have their own strengths and only you can decide which best fits your needs.

looking for personal assistant
Image Credits

Belay is a virtual staffing solutions company that employs exclusively US-based assistants and specialists. They provide several services such as bookkeeping, administrative assistance, web support, and content writing – all done through a virtual channel.

looking for personal assistant
Image Credits

Zirtual only hires US-based assistants and provides a broad spectrum of services from research, to scheduling and even personal requests. However, Zirtual VAs are not available 24/7 and are not able to do in-person tasks.

Be it a business or personal request, this San Francisco-based personal assistant on demand service can make it happen for you. Magic works via SMS text message so just text them anything you want and Magic will be on it – 24/7, 365 days a year.


Would an Executive Personal Assistant Make You More Productive?

executive personal assistant

Nowadays, more and more daily average tasks can be outsourced by having an executive personal assistant.  From ordering weekly planned meals from food delivery services to paying bills and getting your mail.

All of these service providers promise one thing – free up your time, at a small cost.

executive personal assistant
Image credit

Hiring an executive personal assistant has gained popularity since the boom of offshore ‘virtual PAsAssistants from India and the Philippines offering their services for about $1-3 per hour have made it more possible for entrepreneurs and even mid-level executives to consider getting themselves a personal assistant.

But the million dollar question is this: Would an Executive Personal Assistant Really Make You More Productive?

What Can an Executive Personal Assistant Do?

executive personal assistant
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Lisa Krohn, who has done personal assistant jobs for Martha Stewart and Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), tells her clients that “I will take away everything in your life and take care of it”– except whatever it is that you do best.

“I will take away everything in your life and take care of it” – Lisa Krohn

So what can a personal assistant do? Essentially anything – from handling emails, organizing your schedule, booking trips, researching, to doing your morning coffee runs.


Difference Between Two Workflows

This infographic by Sid Savara quickly explains a basic workflow without an executive personal assistant versus having one:

Without a Personal Assistant:

executive personal assistant
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This base task workflow is very linear. The beauty is in its simplicity. The quality is consistent and there is only one point of contact, making communication a lot easier.

But with single point of contact comes a single point of failure.

With a Personal Assistant:

executive personal assistant
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Having two people did increase efficiency, but only after going through setting up initial expectations and ironing out kinks. Although the need to review the work of the assistant may seem like an extra step, this process takes a lot less time than actually doing it.

All of these take into consideration that the executive personal assistant is functional. Read about Farjhad Manjoo’s virtual assistant nightmare here.


Delegation is Key 

executive personal assistant
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If you have decided to finally hire someone, be it a short-term engagement or a for a full-time position, keep this in mind: A personal assistant is only as effective as your capacity to delegate. 

Finding the appropriate workload that can be taken on – or restructured to be partially taken on – by the assistant is a crucial necessity to harnessing a streamlined workflow between you and the assistant.

How to Find an Assistant

executive personal assistant
Image credit

Outsourcing companies around the globe offer match-making services to make sure you find an assistant that fits your needs and lifestyle. However, going through agencies is only cost-efficient if you are looking for a full-timer. Posting an ad on Craigslist or perusing Care.com is a good place to start.

One of the biggest hurdles in hiring a personal assistant is that people don’t know what they need. One day you may need coffee runs and ordering lunch then the next day, research and content writing.

executive personal assistant
Image credit

If hiring a full-time personal assistant for odd jobs every now and then makes you feel uncomfortable, then an on-demand personal assistant service might be more appropriate for your needs.

Magic is a text-based service that can do anything for you (provided that it’s legal and possible!). A team of highly skilled individuals ensures that all the logistics to make your request happen are in place.

executive personal assistant

You can access Magic through its website, iOS app, or its text-based service. You can also text “M4EPA” to (408) 217-1721 to jumpstart your Magic experience if you are a new user.

Ask and you shall receive, in every sense of the word.


The Answer

executive personal assistant
Image credit

Ultimately, are you more productive with an executive personal assistant? Gwyn Waters, founder of  SF Bay Area’s only community for personal assistants – the PAN Network explained it best:

“The capacity that you gain isn’t necessarily productivity related or measurable, but I think it’s almost like an increased intellectual capacity, you have time to think about the big stuff for once.” 

Personal Outsourcing – Do More With Your 24 Hours

Outsourcing is a borrowed term from the corporate world which means to obtain goods or a service from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source. Applied to a personal level, personal outsourcing is having to delegate mundane, day-to-day chores to someone else.

Is it Worth My Time?

personalo utsourcing
Image Credit: Empowered Dollar

This is the most essential question you should ask yourself whenever you start on a task. Your worth in time is basically determined by your hourly rate.

On average, people living in California earn $38,956 a year.

9am – 5pm = 8 hours a day

5 days a week for 52 weeks = 260 days

this makes 2080 work hours a year.

$18.73/hour – this is how much your time is worth.

An easy example is cooking food. Right from getting the ingredients, down to the cooking – it may take a good hour to prepare a meal. That’s $18.73 plus the cost of the ingredients (not to mention grocery shopping time, commute time, and cost of petrol consumed if you want to be even more accurate).

personal outsourcing
Image Credit: Rodale Wellness

Compare that to a $20 plus tip meal when you “outsource” it from your local restaurant? It would probably taste better too!

This is a functional application of your worth in time.

Now that you have freed up some time, what do you do? That, now, is all up to you – if you are an entrepreneur, work on your business! If you would like to spend time with your family and friends, do so!

personal outsourcing

The entire point of personal outsourcing is allowing you to work on higher value tasks.

Types of Outsourcing


Onshore refers to having people within your local area or city who you delegate the chore to. It can be a company or an individual wanting to make extra cash. Here are some tasks worth onshore outsourcing to:

  • Laundry. In most American cities, it takes 1.5-2 hours to do a standard sized load. That’s $28 – $37 worth your time!
  • Grocery Shopping. You can spend an easy hour when doing groceries, not including the time it takes to unpack at home.
  • Daily Meals. One of the most popular forms of personal outsourcing. Either use food delivery apps to order meals whenever you feel like, or sign-up for a weekly set menu delivery.
  • House Cleaning. Home maintenance requires so much physical effort and time. You can easily find someone to do it for you in your local classifieds or Craigslist.

personal outsourcing


Offshore refers to getting help from people outside your immediate vicinity. This can get a bit more complex than onshore, but as long as you have good communication and transparency between the two of you. While physically limited, there is still a good list of tasks you can outsource offshore.

  • Email Management. Virtual assistants can help you sort through your emails, even reply to non-important emails and take care of correspondence when setting up appointments.
  • Handle Calendar. Overbooking is a hassle for both sides of the people involved. Avoid overbooking and have someone overlook your calendar.
  • Social Media Marketing. Social Media is a good platform for ads. Have someone manage your Facebook and Twitter to keep your social media presence high.
  • 24/7 Customer Service. Expand your business and accommodate customers at all hours of the day and night by having a rotational team to handle inquiries.
  • You can read through this article for more tasks you can delegate to a remote virtual assistant.

Where to Find Them

While the Internet is a good resource, it can often be a bit overwhelming. Start with these places/websites and see if it fits your needs and lifestyle.

personal outsourcing

  • Local Classifieds. While limited, you can still find cheap and readily available help from there.
  • Friends and Family. Ask around your neighborhood to see if anyone is willing to do a task for monetary exchange.
  • Craigslist. It may have a stigma attached to it, but good help can still be found on Craigslist if you are willing to vet the candidates.
  • TaskRabbit. This website is a task-matching service that gives you a list of possible contractors that matches your job requirement and schedule.
  • Magic. This is a text-based personal assistant service that promises to do whatever you request. You can list multiple errands, and they will take care of all the logistics.

personal outsourcing


We hope this guide has shown the benefits and types of personal outsourcing as well as some great first steps if you want to start looking for some yourself.