7 supplies you probably forgot to stock up on

With stores closed around the world, items out of stock, and delays of 1 month or more on Amazon, it’s a good idea to stock up for the next few months, if you haven’t already. 

We’ve all heard about shortages for toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizer. These are 6 other supplies you’ll want to backup that you probably haven’t been considering.


If you’re working from home, your computer is essential. What would you do if your computer broke or failed to turn on?

Asus Chromebook C300 (C300MA-DB01) Review | PCMag
Chromebooks under $300 make great choices for a backup laptop.

You can’t drive to the store and pick one up same day. You’ll have to wait for a delivery — and fast delivery times are not guaranteed right now. Laptops and other computers have been in high demand to accommodate so many new people working from home and delays in the supply chain have caused a shortage.

Having a low-cost laptop, such as a Chromebook, as a backup allows you to feel more secure. If something were to happen to your computer, you wouldn’t miss a beat.

Extra cables / power cords

Heaven forbid your dog chews your power cord, and you’re unable to charge your phone or laptop. Needing to wait for an online delivery means being offline and unavailable, something you don’t want to have happen while forced to stay at home.

Samsung 45W USB Type-C Fast Charge Wall Charger EP-TA845XBEGUS
Depending on your devices, an extra USB-C charger may be all you need. If you have an iPhone, you’ll also need a lighting connector.

4G LTE Router

If you have internet issues right now, it’s not guaranteed that a technician will show up on time, if at all. If you’re working from home, you’re stuck with your mobile connection, which may not allow you to use that device as a hotspot.

MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4-COMBO 4G/LTE Router AT&T T-Mobile Verizon Embedded SIM with Band 12
MoFi routers are popular choices for 4G LTE routers. This is the MOFI4500.

Buying a dedicated 4G LTE router, and purchasing a second LTE plan for 1 month only for an emergency (for example, purchasing Verizon if you normally use AT&T) will give you redundancy and the ability to keep working as watching movies as usual if your broadband internet goes out.


Maybe you haven’t changed your lightbulbs in over a year. Let’s hope this month isn’t the month your lights decide to go out. And if they do, hopefully you have a spare bulb.

NEMA Files Federal Preemption Lawsuit for Light Bulbs ...
Check all the lights in your house for each type of bulb you’ll need to back up.

All cleaning supplies

Toilet paper was notoriously hoarded and in short supply early on during the crisis. However, it’s relatively unimportant compared to other cleaning supplies, such as laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, soap, all and all purpose cleaner.

What’s worse than being stuck at home? Being stuck in a dirty home.

First aid

You may think your chances of getting hurt staying at home are low, but you’d be surprised. You or a loved one could slip and fall or cut themselves cooking. You could find yourself spraining yourself working out. Having a variety of first aid supplies, like bandages and hot/cold patches, is a good idea.

Amazon.com: First Aid Only 10 Person First Aid Kit, Weatherproof ...
Check your cabinets to see if your first aid kit is still there and stocked.


We’re guessing you stocked up on flu medicine, but vitamin supplements are just as important. Your diet is going to be more limited staying at home, so a multivitamin is a good idea, and you’re likely getting a lot less sun, so you may want to add additional vitamin D.

Solgar Vitamin D - 10,000 IU - 120 Softgels - eVitamins Philippines
You’re not getting as much sun as you normally do, so vitamin D is a good idea.

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