Siri Personal Assistant – Uses and Limitations

Siri personal assistant for iOS may not have been the first personal assistant, but it sure paved the way for modern speech-based assistants. This intelligent mobile assistant aims to make easy tasks even simpler – all done through voice command.

Siri is capable of sending messages, placing calls, checking the calendar, and a whole lot more. The Siri personal assistant has so many functions, and a lot of it tends to get overlooked by users. Despite the beauty in its simplicity, there’s more to Siri than meets the eye.

Best Uses for Siri Personal Assistant

Sending messages and emails

siri personal assistant

Siri has made it so easy to send a text or an email. It understands natural human language so simply dictate your message – no typing needed!

  • Activate Siri by saying, “Hey siri”
  • Give your instructions like: “Send email to Tony, I will be late for dinner.”
  • Siri will read back the email draft and prompt you for confirmation
  • Edit the email by saying “Change it” or confirm by saying “Send it”

If you want to send a text, you can use the same commands and just change it to “Send text to Tony, I will be late for dinner.”

Making Table Reservations or Simply Making a Phone Call

siri personal assistant

While Siri Personal Assistant can’t actually make the table reservation for you, you can help steer Siri through the process with a few simples “yes” or “no” responses.

To make Table Reservations

  • Say “Call Shrimp Shack.”  and Siri will immediately try to put you in touch with a nearby business with that name.
  • It will give you a list of businesses and once you found the right one, you can begin the call

Make a Phone Call

  • Simply speak “Call 415-333-1234”
  • Siri will prepare a phone call to (415) 333-1234

Taking Notes

siri personal assistant

Mental notes don’t have to stay in your head anymore (because admit it, you forget them anyway). Make an actual note through a simple voice command.

  • To create a note, say “Create a [subject title] note”
  • To add a body, just say  “Add, think about what to buy mom for her birthday to my [subject title] note”.

Setting Up Appointments, Timers, Alarms, and Reminders

siri personal assistant

For all of these, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s a few more basic commands that you should know:

  • “Set up an appointment at 9am next Tuesday with Dr. Palmer.” (You can also create recurring appointments)
  • “Set up a timer for any number of minutes.”
  • “Set an alarm for tomorrow at 3:15AM.”
  • “Set an alarm for every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 8:00AM.”
  • “Set a reminder for 7:00PM to start cooking dinner.”

While it still does not support third-party integrations (meaning it can’t access your Spotify playlist or add a task to your Wunderlist), Siri still has a lot of useful tricks up its sleeve.

If you’re still not sure what she can do for you, just ask. If you ask Siri “What can you help me with?” it will begin to show you a list of what it can do.

Magic – more than a machine

Complex requests require more elaborate execution that no AI is capable of handling (for this time being, at least). For example, picking up dry-cleaning and dropping it off to a specific address. Humans, in this situation, still provide a better service than Siri.

When it comes to assistance in the real world, Magic, a text-based personal assistant service is at an advantage. Magic employs a team of highly trained personal assistants working with cutting edge technology to enhance human capacity. This software remembers preferences and becomes more personalized the more you interact with it – kinda like a friend with a really good memory.

Magic is available 24/7, on-demand. It can fulfill any requests, as long as it is legal or possible. What Siri personal assistant can’t do, Magic certainly can.



Personal Shopping Assistant – What are they?

Traditionally, a personal shopping assistant is an individual who helps with shopping decision making and logistics. Recently, personal shopping assistants (PSAs), have started to become virtualized through mobile apps which you can bring with as you shop.

Below, we explore the two major types of personal shopping assistants, humans and applications.


The following services connect you with real human personal shopping assistants who get to know you and your preferences over time.


personal shopping assistantIf you’re looking for an actual person to do your shopping for you, look no further than Mezi. With Mezi, you can enjoy the everyday luxury of a personal shopper who gets to know you, sends you carefully selected recommendations, orders the item you want on your behalf, and even handles returns.


personal shopping assistantMagic is a text-based personal assistant service. They provide a team of highly trained personal assistants working with software that remembers your preferences and information such as body measurements, dress or suit sizes, and clothing preferences, ensuring that the more you use the service, the more personalized and efficient it becomes. Unlike an actual personal assistant, Magic is available 24/7, all year-round. Magic can do anything you want them to, as long as it isn’t illegal or impossible.




The following apps leverage software and provide a more connected, accessible, affordable personal shopping assistant experience.


personal shopping assistantSay hello to Mona, the “world’s smartest personal shopper.” Mona is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered mobile shopping assistant that will give you immersive in-store, expert assistance. As you shop with Mona, she learns the styles you love, your favorite brands, and your ideal price point.

Personal Shopping Assistant by Microsoft

personal shopping assistantPersonal shopping assistant by Microsoft advertises itself as “your smart shopping cart across the web.” It can automatically remember and organize products that you browse. You can save items to one or more ‘favorites’ boards and get notified on price changes. It makes smart choices by comparing products across sellers, sharing with others, and discovering other places to buy the exact same product.

We hope these various services and apps give you a much better idea on where to look when you are considering getting your own personal shopping assistant.

Hire a Personal Assistant for a day

Busy and still have a thousand things you need to take care of? Seems like you need someone to take that load off your shoulders. Why don’t you simply hire a personal assistant for a day? I know it sounds a bit far-fetched, but trust me, it’s possible. Here’s how:

Go through work from home websites

Two places you can hire a personal assistant for a day are through Upwork or PeoplePerHour. Both are sites where you can post a job listing for potential assistants that can work either per hour, or per dayPro Tip: You can see what everyone that applies charges and you can choose the option that works for you.


  • Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals (or contractors) connect and collaborate remotely. Formerly Elance-oDesk, it was re-branded back in 2015 and is now widely considered as the world’s largest online workplace. Upwork allows clients to view, interview, hire, train, and work with online freelancers.


  • Started in 2007, PeoplePerHour is based in London and Athens. Contracts start from as little as an hour, ramping all the way up to months or years, allowing you to scale the work you delegate through them. They operate within the now highly sought after “Talent Cloud”, which has a talent pool of thousands, if not tens of thousands of qualified candidates.


Both of these options do require you to place effort into researching, locating and dealing with the best candidates. You will need to interview, and negotiate rates. You will need to train and manage the contractor as well to ensure their workproduct meets your needs.


Magic is a personal assistant on demand that works via text. Magic is ideal for on demand services as well as personal related tasks like scheduling, calendar management, and travel planning among others. Magic provides a team of trained assistants that use proprietary software that enables them to always respond quickly no matter the time or day, remembers preferences and information and prevents tasks from being dropped or forgotten. Magic is available 24/7, year round- even on holidays. 

magic logo

Magic is ideal for both business and personal related tasks like scheduling, calendar management, travel arrangements or grocery delivery among others. Magic provides a team of trained assistants that work with proprietary software that prevents tasks from getting dropped, and remembers preferences with ease.

Magic bills at an hourly rate of $35 prorated to the minute for the time they actively spend working. Magic is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They can be your personal helper whenever you need one. 


Trying to find errand runners in San Francisco?

Errand running services

Need help running errands? Depending on your needs, there are a few websites and directories for finding errand runners. A popular one is TaskRabbit, which has a website for running errands.



Surf the web.

Aside from that, the internet has a plethora of websites dedicated to errand runners. You can check dozens of websites that offer errand running services to the general public. Pro Tip: Make a detailed search instead of a general one to get better results.

Google Search Errand Runners


In a pinch, you can also check potential services’ reviews on Yelp.

Yelp Errand Runners


You can also have someone else do it all for you.

If you have a personal assistant, this is a great task to have them work on. However, most people do not have personal assistants, and those who do often use them for work, rather than errands.

Magic, a personal assistant on demand, can help with tasks like running errands in San Francisco or other cities through a few simple text messages.  Magic will pass along any costs associated with the request to you, as well as bill out the time they spend working at $35/hr pro rated to the minute.