Siri-like Personal Assistant For Android

personal apps for android

Regardless if you are an iOS or Android phone user, personal assistant apps are the new mobile operating system must-have. Apple’s Siri has become a household name in the phone personal assistant scene, but Android is not trailing far behind either.

Siri: The Competition


Believe it or not, Siri was not the first mobile personal assistant. But it is the most popular. A simple “Hey Siri!” or holding the home button on your iOS device activates this handy assistant.
Siri can help you with simple tasks, making your days that much more trouble-free. Siri may also be customized according to your personal preferences.
From technical questions like asking for directions to the entertaining ones like asking her to rap and beat box, Siri has an array of multiple purposes. This wide range of utilities that Siri can offer can definitely bring convenience to its user’s life.

How to Get Siri-like Personal Assistant for Android

Unfortunately, Siri is exclusively for Apple products. However, Android users are not deprived of experiencing the convenience and luxury of having Siri as a virtual assistant.



For Samsung devices, Bixby (previously S Voice) is the Samsung counterpart to Siri, it is also an ideal personal assistant app that comes pre-installed on Samsung phones just as Siri comes on apple ones.

personal assistant for androidGoogle Assistant

The personal assistant for Android that has the most similarity with Siri is Google Assistant (previously Google Now.) Google Assistant is best for visually impaired users because of its effective voice commands and Siri-like talkback features.

But other than these two popular personal assistant apps for Android, there are more assistants available in the market that deserves a spotlight.

The Google Play Store is a sea of different phone applications. Finding the right one is hard and you can get lost in trying to find the best app for your lifestyle.

Other useful personal assistant apps to install on your Android devices

When looking for a personal assistant app, there are a number of things to consider like:

  • Why do I need this app?
  • In what ways can it help me?
  • What are its main features?
  • How high is its rating?
  • What are some of the comments and feedback saying?

If you are highly considering functions and productivity, the app that you will select should be able to do at least a handful of these features:

  • Setting your alarm
  • Searching for keywords online
  • Giving you directions
  • Scheduling and/or canceling an event
  • Taking note of your reminders
  • Sending messages for you
  • Teaching you pronunciations of words (because it converses to you verbally)
  • Posting your tweets and status updates
  • Giving you food recipes
  • Calling people on your contacts
  • Telling you the time in different time zones
  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Telling you when and where to watch the latest movies
  • Doing numerical calculations
  • Changing your phone settings
  • Giving weather forecasts
  • Letting you ask about anything you want

Dragon Mobile Assistant

personal apps for android

Dragon Mobile has got to be one of Siri’s long lost twins in the Android world. It basically has all of Siri’s basic features and it is one of the most highly rated and most downloaded personal assistant apps in the Google Play Store.


personal apps for android

Robin is an app that is meant for people who are always on the road because navigating and giving directions is actually one of its main features. It also entertains questions for which it can look up answers online,


personal apps for android

There must be a reason why almost all personal assistant apps are named after a human’s name. Maybe because they want you to know that you can get the same quality of help from a real personal assistant just by using your phone – and Andy does just that!

Although Andy is capable of doing almost everything listed above, it is not able to give news updates and weather forecasts.

More Than Just a Personal Assistant

The apps above are all indisputably helpful! However, they all have one thing in common – they are all based on artificially intelligent software and are heavily reliant on internet connectivity.


personal apps for android

Similarly to Siri and the other apps, Magic can also be very helpful to anyone in need but since it is a text-based service available 24/7, with or without internet, you can reach out to them for a helping hand.

Magic is run by humans backed with cutting edge technology – this allows them to work more efficiently than any artificial intelligence.

personal apps for android

Whether you are an Android phone user or not, the Magic personal assistant app/service can surely help you with whatever task you ask.


5 Startups That Will Function as Your Personal Concierge or Butler

Have you ever wondered how Bruce Wayne can run his business, have a social life, and be Batman all at the same time? It’s simple, he has a trusted and dedicated personal concierge to oversee his daily tasks so he can focus on doing what he does best, being Batman.

Sure, Batman is a fictional character, but the problem is real.

How do I juggle both my personal life and career?

Thanks to the rise of personal concierge services, even the average Joe can now have a trusty Alfred by his side.

personal concierge

Currently, small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and even Fortune 500 companies employ the personal concierge services.  Like Alfred, a personal concierge’s task is to make sure everything is in order.

Their responsibilities range from running simple errands to handling business related tasks.

5 startups that will function as your personal concierge


personal concierge

Quintessentially – a personal concierge service for exclusive clientele. You’ll have to be a member in order to use their services.

Best for:  Last minute restaurant reservation, holiday bookings, and theater and opera tickets, to access to clubs, parties, and social events.

Red Butler

personal concierge

Red Butler – is a concierge service that lets you be the best at what you do by taking care of the rest. You can delegate business related tasks to them like

  • research
  • proofreading
  • scheduling
  • document creation
  • making calls
  • ticketing
  • travel
  • and more

However, they can’t do tasks which require design or creative work, a professional license, or any outbound sales call.

Best For: Simple but time-consuming admin work

Fancy Hands

personal concierge

Fancy Hands – is a personal assistant service that’s a lot like Red Butler. They can do anything as long as it doesn’t require their assistants to physically go somewhere. They also can’t do things like book flights, hotels, or rental cars, extensive travel planning, and highly technical tasks.

Best For:  Most remote or online tasks

personal concierge – is a bilingual personal concierge service ideal for busy professionals. They offer English/Spanish services that specialize in clerical tasks, and industry specific tasks like web design, social media management, and bookkeeping.

Best For: Tasks that require a multi-lingual assistant

Magic: On-demand Personal Assistant

Magic if you want a personal concierge service who can assist you with your daily tasks as well as business related tasks, any time of the day, you can try Magic. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year.



So whether you’re a Bruce Wayne, a busy professional, or an average Joe struggling to manage your time, you can get yourself your very own Alfred in the form of personal concierge services.

Let them handle the day-to-day operations so you can focus on doing what you do best – being your own Batman.

Jobs that a Virtual Personal Assistant Can Do

virtual personal assistant jobs

A virtual personal assistant’s job is to help you by accomplishing tasks and making your life easier. The nature of the work that a virtual personal assistant will be doing will solely depend on you and your needs.

A Virtual Personal Assistant’s most basic jobs can be separated into three main categories

Administrative Work

personal assistant jobs
Credits: Boomerang Transport

A virtual personal assistant can provide great help to any work and business-related concerns by doing any job you assign him or her to do. In connection to administrative work, a virtual personal assistant can do an array of jobs for you.

  • Check and write you emails
  • Encode important data
  • Keep track of your schedule
  • Take note of your reminders
  • Book travel
  • Crunch numbers
  • Organize computer files
  • More examples here

Household Assistance

virtual personal assistant jobs
Credits: Daily Express

Virtual personal assistants can also help you find services or individuals who can help you out around the home.

  • Laundry
  • Wash your dishes
  • Vacuum your carpets
  • Scrub your tubs
  • Sinks and toilets
  • Dust every surface of your furniture
  • Fix broken appliances
  • and more

Personal Interest

virtual personal assistant jobs

Lastly, virtual personal assistants can also help you with requests that aren’t at home or in the office as well.

  • Buy clothes
  • Find sold-out gadgets
  • Deliver you food
  • Send thoughtful gifts to your loved ones
  • Book plane tickets
  • Take care of your hotel accommodations
  • and so much more!

All you have to do is contact them, tell them what you want or need, and they will do the rest.

Where can I get a Virtual Personal Assistant?

Technology has seemingly made everything easier these days.  The same is true with finding, hiring, and managing the job of a virtual personal assistant.

virtual personal assistant jobs

Magic is an on-demand virtual personal assistant service. Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get human help. If you are looking for a virtual personal assistant who can help you with personal interests, administrative work, household assistance, and more, then get Magic now!


Things to Consider if You’re Seeking a Personal Assistant

seeking personal assistant
Credits: Clubbable

Seeking a personal assistant can eventually offer great help to you and can lessen your worries and life’s complications. However, getting the perfect personal assistant can be a challenging process. There are things that you should keep a keen eye on so that your selected personal assistant will be as effective and as productive as you need him or her to be.

What Do You Need Them For?

seeking personal assistant
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The ways a personal assistant can help you are countless; However, different people have different capabilities. Even though they are basic tasks, each task you request from them requires a set of skills to achieve the best results. You should be decisive and have a specific list of tasks that you want to ask before you hire your personal assistant.

Your budget

seeking personal assistant
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Depending on your approach, getting a personal assistant can be costly especially if you are hiring a person to work full-time for you. Your actual requirements might be light but if you want assistance on-demand throughout the day, you may not have the money to pay for that level of responsiveness.

Just like their skill sets, personal assistant rates differ from one another. You need to choose someone who can meet your needs and your budget.

Personal Assistant Performance

seeking personal assistant
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You should consider the metrics you plan to use to track the work of your personal assistant and assure the quality of the tasks they are doing. Reviews and feedback from previous employers or clients will be very helpful to check if a certain personal assistant is really qualified to work with you and can do the task that will be assigned to them.

Where can you find one?

personal assistant indianapolis3

If your daily life is getting more exacting every day and you need a personal assistant now, you can get one instantly. MAGIC can give you a personal assistant that can work remotely; Magic can grant any request from their clients who should expect swift and impressive results.

Moreover, you can call Magic anytime of the day! So it provides the experience of having a full-time personal assistant who never takes a vacation but Magic is also astonishingly affordable! It costs about 50 cents per minute of work.

So, if you are seeking a personal assistant, start thinking about the considerations above and if you need help right this second, Magic is a must-try!


Intelligent Personal Assistant Checklist

Intelligence is an essential attribute of high-quality personal assistants. That is why the demand for these individuals is high and the expectations are considerably higher.

intelligent personal assistant

Types of Intelligence

Time Management

Being required to do a number of tasks, some of which are unconventional and utterly demanding, a personal assistant must be wise in managing his time, activities, and strategies in order to bring out the best outcomes.

Common Knowledge – surprisingly not common

As the one needing a personal assistant, you must have someone who shares a basic understanding of your needs within the context of your environment. Someone who is clueless about the task is in no position to assist you.

intelligent personal assistant

Now, why is it so important that you also need to make sure that your personal assistant fits your qualifications by having specific skills?


intelligent personal assistant

You don’t need to spoon-feed information of next-steps. Going through instructions can be mentally draining and it is undeniably time-consuming.

You must hire a personal assistant who can take care of himself; with minimal supervision. Not only will it save your time but it will also give you the opportunity to focus on other things to do. Furthermore, you can expect quick yet outstanding results that will surely meet or surpass your expectations.


intelligent personal assistant

There is one saying that goes, “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” If a personal assistant is given a task and the initial plan did not work out, he or she should have a Plan B or even a C & D.

You want someone who offers ideas, not excuses. Someone that never runs out of possible solutions.

Making Mental Connections

intelligent personal assistant

Obviously, one of a personal assistant’s main purposes is to simply help you with any task that you can give him. With that said, he must be someone who is filled with ideas that can generate good outcomes. He must also be able to think of fast and connect the dots.


Open to Feedback

intelligent personal assistant

There will be times when a personal assistant will fail to accomplish a certain task. However, instead of denying his mistakes and letting his ego get in the way, he must be someone who can “accept defeat” and learn from mistakes. Another measure of intelligence is maturity. He must be someone who is mature enough to know that he also has his weaknesses.

Willingness to learn more

intelligent personal assistant

Following the preceding paragraph, a personal assistant must be someone who is willing to learn more and widen his or her horizons. A personal assistant must be open to new learning to improve his skills and ultimately help the person he is assisting even more.

Want one?

Finding an intelligent personal assistant with all the qualities mentioned above has never been easier. The intelligent personal assistant service Magic will work on nearly any task with a combination of intelligent human assistants with advanced software.


5 Ways an AI Personal Assistant Can Revolutionize Productivity

personal assistant to ceo

The recent and popular trend of developing assistant apps for mobile devices has allowed pretty much anyone to have access to their very own AI personal assistant. Everyone from entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms are starting to discover an improved way of life with AI personal assistants. These digital ‘helpers’ can take the form of a scheduler, a calendar, even your very own personal butler.

ai personal assistant

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What’s the big deal?

Ask yourself this: how much time do you spend sending an email back and forth to schedule an appointment? How much time is allocated on doing repetitive chores that are most certainly not the core of your job?

Fifteen minutes a day may not seem like much but in a week you have amassed over an hour of wasted productivity, after a month that adds up to nearly a full day lost.

Rising Need for AI Personal Assistants

The drudgery of having to deal with these mundane tasks on a daily basis distracts workers from focusing on high-value tasks. Developers have recognized this potential for improvement in the way people work, and are tackling the problem. Oscar Triscon, the creator of Butler for Trello, explains it well:

“Automation can bring consistency in processes, which reduces errors and distractions caused by anomalies. For routine things, the less clicks you need to do and the less things you need to remember, the more time you have to do more creative, productive stuff.” – Oscar Triscon

So below are just some of the ways an AI Personal Assistant can help with your work:

    1. Arrange Meetings

      Pinning down a busy contact can take hours from your day, turning a simple task such as scheduling a meeting into something tedious. Having personal assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can save you from having to check your schedule. will handle the back-and-forth emails with the person you are setting a meeting with, all you have to do is CC them in the email correspondence.

    2. Set Up Reminders

      While you can just call Siri and have her set a reminder for you, this is very limited within your phone reminder app (but seriously, who uses it?). Bot development for existing apps is gaining popularity and one of those is the Slackbot for Slack. Simply type a “/” forward slash at your command and Slackbot will take over. Don’t have time to read a message but would like to reply later? You can command Slackbot to remind you!


    3. Manage Money

      Having a money manager in our pocket would probably have saved you from unnecessary expenditures. With today’s technology, now you can! Cleo is a money manager bot programmed to keep track of spending, balances, and recurring bills. It is a text-based service so you can communicate via text message, but there is also an online dashboard that provides you a bigger picture of your finances.

    4. Plan and Book Trips

      Long hours of itinerary and accommodation research has now been cut down to an easy conversation with an AI personal shopping assistant. While Mezi can be used in a lot of e-commerce platform, one popular way to use it is as a travel agent to help you book, reserve, and cancel reservations for all your trips – be it personal or for business.

ai personal assistant

Image Credit

Artificial Intelligence might have had a bad start, thanks to the stigma media has portrayed about them (think Terminator), but the future of work inevitably includes automation. While developers are constantly trying to make bots smarter and more useful, AI personal assistants are here to stay, for good.

Online Personal Assistant: Worth It?

So you have decided to look into getting an online personal assistant. The first question to ask is, how much will it cost and do your needs justify that cost?

The online virtual/personal assistant industry has grown since its initial boom in the mid-1990’s, and fortunately, it has evolved for the better. To this day, there are millions of virtual assistant services worldwide but that also makes it harder to evaluate which one is right for you.


Pros and Cons of Hiring an Online Personal Assistant


  • Pro: Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Most virtual assistants have had previous experience working with a supervisor on a regular 9-5 job. As a result, they are more likely to have a keen understanding of the value of time. A good online personal assistant would prioritize organizing the workflow or introduce a new technology to simplify and make existing frameworks faster.

  • Con: Risk of Data Security

Your personal assistant (PA) would need full access to your confidential files and calendar to be able to systematize everything, leaving you vulnerable. In some cases, you may need to disclose personal information such as your credit card info for your PA to fulfill a task.

Business Growth

  • Pro: Safely Scale Operations

Online personal assistants nowadays are no longer remote secretaries. You can find a virtual assistant (VA) that specializes in everything from market research, digital marketing to graphic design and interior decoration. You could test out new strategies with your assistant and if it works out, eventually hire a team to carry out what your VA started.

  • Con: Requires Highly Skilled Candidate

 It’s not uncommon to hear good help is hard to find. This just adds more qualifications to look for in a candidate.


  • Pro: Be Less Stressed

Stress is a huge hindrance to productivity. Having a personal assistant handling your emails and making sure your schedule is manageable takes a great deal of responsibility off of you. Having more time for your family and/or hobbies can be reinvigorating.

  • Con: Deal with Timezone and Language Barrier

The advantage above only applies once the kinks between you and your VA have all been ironed out. Before that, you will have to deal with time zone and language barriers. Most online personal assistants are based in India and the Philippines and although they could be conversant in English, thick accent and grammar can be an issue.


Money Talk

  • Pro: Low Cost

The primary benefit of hiring a virtual personal assistant over a physical one is that it lowers operational cost. You do not have to allocate additional budget for rent, training, and utilities. Many companies that offer these services have workers based overseas where rates usually range from $1-3 an hour.

  • Con: You Only Get What You Pay For

This hourly rate may be more than 50% less than what you would pay for an office-based personal assistant but with this savings comes potential issues. Since virtual assistants are usually project-based, he might not be able to fully dedicate himself to your campaign. And even if you do reach a commitment, there is still a possibility that your VA will sub-contract your project to another Virtual Assistant.

Test Drive a Personal Assistant Today

If you are a bit wary about the disadvantages that come with hiring a full-time virtual assistant, the following on-demand option might work better for you.


Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that works on a text message platform. Just send a text whenever you need a hand on something and a team of highly skilled individuals will work on fulfilling that request for you – be it personal or for business.

Magic has bank-grade encryption protecting any information you disclose. No need to worry about your confidential database leaking.

Also, if you need something was done that is both time and labor consuming, Magic can scale up or down your assistant team size on the fly.


This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year – no holidays, no time offs.


Assistants work with cutting edge software that learns and improves the more you use it.

Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of the value finding and hiring an online personal assistant?

Do I Need a Personal Assistant?

i need a personal assistant

If you can identify with having more work than time to do it, you are in need of a personal assistant who will help lift some of the weight off your shoulders.

i need a personal assistant
Credits: Personnel Today

A personal assistant can work on a full-time, part-time, or even on-demand basis.

These people are hired to work closely with you in order to assist you in your personal or business-related concerns.

A Personal Assistant Helps with Things Like:

  • Coordinating meeting times between multiple calendars
  • Booking flights and hotels
  • Creating and distributing lead generation campaigns to potential customers
  • Managing and responding to emails
  • Handling recruiting and hiring for other positions
  • Finding and ordering something to eat
  • Taking care of personal chores

Most Popular Reasons to Hire a Personal Assistant:

Too much work, too little time

i need a personal assistant
Credits: The Huffington Post UK

Living in our modern, fast-paced world can get overwhelming for anyone trying to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Additionally, very adult has important roles to play both at home and in the office. A personal assistant can help make those roles much more enjoyable by handling your least favorite tasks.

Tasks require the labor of more than one person

i need a personal assistantSome tasks require two or more people to get it done fast. On-demand personal assistants like Magic let you instantly scale up or down your workforce in real-time, providing labor as flexible as your needs.

It increases productivity

i need a personal assistant

When there are more people working together, more things get accomplished – simple as that! The tasks that you are planning on doing tomorrow can be done today if you have someone else to provide you the help that you need.

Because you deserve a break

i need a personal assistant
Credits: One Woman’s View

With the extra time saved in your personal and professional life, you could give yourself some much-needed rest and relaxation. As the evidence from meditation studies show, nearly everyone can benefit from setting aside time to simply breathe.

How do I get a Personal Assistant ASAP?

Magic is a new and highly convenient online personal assistant service that blends advanced software with human creativity to handle nearly any request. All you have to do is text your needs to the Magic phone number and you can expect fast, and often remarkable results.

personal apps for android

With Magic, getting a personal assistant to help you is as effortless as needing one in the first place. So the next time you get overwhelmed, just text Magic instead of asking, “Do I need a personal assistant?”


Invaluable Aid: Personal Assistant to CEO

personal assistant to ceo

A personal assistant (PA) to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can be a crucial position for any company. His or her role can be immensely helpful if efficient, and professionally punishing if not. He or she is given difficult tasks to accomplish and is trusted to think and find feasible long-term solutions to any difficulties that an organization might be going through.

While “PA to CEO” might sound like an inspiring rags-to-riches success story, if you’re reading it in a job posting, it actually means working as a committed personal assistant for a CEO.

personal assistant to ceo
Credit: Pixabay

Aside from having basic skills and intellectual capacity, a CEO’s PA is also expected to possess a set of values that will generate good, acceptable outcomes for the company.

Due to the ubiquity of chief executives relying on them, if a PA gets fired or decides to resign, companies tend to urgently look for a replacement.

personal assistant to ceo

How is it different from an EA?

Many people think that a personal assistant to the CEO and executive assistants are essentially the same; they are not. Despite the fact that many companies hire one person to fill both roles, there are still some fundamental differences.

In a general sense, executive assistants take the higher position. Even though the two share the similar tasks and job description, executive assistants take on additional responsibilities such as making decisions in the absence of the Senior Executive.

Duties to be fulfilled by a Personal Assistant to CEO

In a nutshell, a personal assistant to a CEO often acts as a link between the CEO and the managerial teams, department heads, and supervisors. Other duties that may be assigned to them include:

  • Organizing and scheduling meetings/conferences
  • To book tickets and arrange accommodation for a manager’s travel
  • Taking notes of the proceedings during meetings
  • Checking and responding to important business-related emails
  • Preparing significant documents and presentations
personal assistant to ceo
Credit: Pavillion Agency

Hire one virtually

Looking for a personal assistant to CEO may be a serious ordeal if you need it as soon as possible.  Luckily there are virtual assistant services that obviate the need for a hiring process altogether.

personal apps for android

Magic is one online concierge service that can give you just that. Whether you are a company CEO or not, Magic can give you the service and assistance that you need.


Looking for a Personal Assistant for Hire?

personal assistant for hire

The option to hire a personal assistant is no longer just for the rich and/or famous.

Nowadays, hiring a personal assistant can be done through a variety of technological mediums for an amazingly cheap price.

What’s a Personal Assistant?

personal assistants for hire
Credits: LinkedIn

For people with tough and exhausting daily activities, assistance from other people can make their lives more at ease.

Personal Assistants are commonly hired individuals who are tasked to do whatever their clients or employers tell them to do, they can be full-time or hourly.

Managers, company owners and executives, celebrities, and even stay-at-home parents have sought after the aid of personal assistants to lift some burdens off their shoulders.

personal assistants for hire
Credits: Money Under 30

Personal Assistants for hire

In the past, personal assistants would usually go to a client’s office or home and render their service in person. However, through the advancements in technology, there are now options that provide remote help through virtual personal assistants.

Many people have hired or have turned to Virtual Personal Assistants because they are just as efficient and productive as the ones you can hire in person. Other reasons include:

  • They basically do the same job for a cheaper price
  • The do not require any time off
  • You can contact them anytime of the day; even in the middle of the night
  • They have a wider range of connections
  • They can give results almost instantly
  • They do not leave any request or task undone
  • There can be more than one person working on your requests
personal assistants for hire

Websites that let you hire a virtual personal assistant

As the demand for virtual personal assistants has increased, many websites have sprouted up over the years sharing a similar objective – to help their clients in the best ways possible.

EAHELP, UASSIST.ME, TIME ETC and FANCY HANDS are just some of the websites which have proven to provide quality assistance to their clients, especially in administrative tasks. However, one service sets itself apart from the aforementioned ones.

personal apps for android

MAGIC is not limited to doing paper and office works for you. You can ask even the most outrageous and unexpected request and they will still grant it for you. Anything goes as long as it is possible and legal. You can literally ask them whatever you want or need. You can try Magic by visiting its website, downloading its app (only available for iOS devices), and using their text-based service.