5 Interior Design Tips For Your Best Looking Office Yet

On average, a person spends around 170 hours in the office per month; that is about 8 to 10 hours per day.

With that said, you should have a space where you feel comfortable working for that amount of time. Here are five interior design tips for office that can improve both the aesthetics and comfort of your personal workspace.

1. Choose the right color

Choosing the right color for a room can help create a more stimulating environment. But before you decide on which color, consider these few guidelines:

  • Avoid bright colors
    • Continuous exposure to bright color such as red and yellow can cause a visual shock. Keep the shades on the softer side to simulate a more relaxed environment.
  • Choose Warm over Cool
    • Blue may be your favorite color, but cool colors may project feelings of sadness and indifference. You can get creative and use it as accents against a warm theme though.
  • Go for a Matte finish 
    • Gloss can cast annoying reflections. Instead, pick a matte finish as it helps absorb that extra light.

2. Lighting should be a priority

Many offices have floor-to-ceiling windows to let in sunlight as much during the day. However, if your office does not have enough windows, make sure you have something to light up your space.

Pro tip: Individual lamps can encourage employees to Add your own creative touches by adding individual lamps to you office space – it can lend a sense of character to an otherwise sterile room.

3. Add life by getting a Potted Plant

Other than being a natural air purifier, potted plants have more benefits to them than we thought. Multiple studies show a positive correlation between live plants and enhanced moods in the workplace. Potted plants can:

Worried about upkeep? A regular Snake Plant can go for weeks without being watered. It can thrive in low-light and only needs to be watered once a month.

4. Consider getting an Analog Clock

How many times have you checked your phone for the time then ending up spending 10 or 20 minutes scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? Putting an analog clock on your desk does not only look aesthetically pleasing, it can also help prevent phone distractions.

5. Invest in Ergonomic Products

More than 50% of office workers say their chair is the number 1 thing they would change – so why don’t you change it now? Check if your workstation is ergonomic by going through this checklist:

  • Does your chair support your back, with the backrest slightly reclined?
  • Are the armrests on your chair sit at a 90 degree-angle with your hands on the keyboard?
  • Is your chair height correct (feet on footrest or floor)?
  • Is the center of the monitor screen at eye-level?
  • Is your keyboard positioned slightly below your elbow, keeping your wrists in neutral position?

Which of these interior design tips would you try?