Find and Experience the Best Wine Tours in California

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wine tours in california
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Thinking of a new experience to try out for your next weekend getaway? Planning an idea for a date or family outing? Well, you can consider visiting vineyards and learn about the wonders and flavors that wines have to offer. Check out this article to find and book wine tours in California.

What are wine tours?

A wine tour is where you get to visit vineyards, harvest grapes, taste wines and local food, learn the process of making wine, and go to the production area of wineries. Wine tours can last one afternoon, a few days, or even weeks.

Helpful tips when going on wine tours:

Plan ahead of time

Planning and booking should take place at least two weeks before the actual tour especially if the place you plan to go to need reservations. You should also consider the month or season when you will be visiting the vineyards.

Get a car or a designated driver

Renting a car or hiring a driver will be a lot easier when it is time to go around and explore. Designated drivers know the best places to visit so you will be able to get the most out of your wine tour. As an additional tip, leave early and start the tour as soon as possible to avoid the crowd.

Take an empty box

Though it is not obligatory to buy a bottle of wine in the sites you visit, it is still handy to have an empty box where you can place your wine bottles when you decide to buy one. This will prevent your wine bottles from shattering and spilling wine all over your car on the way home.

Show some manners

When you go to a wine tasting event and you did not like the taste of the wine, do not spit it out. Swallow that sip you took then simply do not finish the glass of wine they give you. Also, do not leave any pieces of trash or litter lying around.

Make several stops

You can visit different wineries in a single place. Go around the area and see what each have to offer.

Do not be shy to ask

Wine tours are supposed to be educational so it is okay to ask if you have questions like how do they harvest their grapes, or what is the best wine to pair with certain dishes, and the like.

Consider the kids

A wine tour can be great for family bonding too. However, if you are bringing the kids, make sure that they will have something that they can enjoy as well. Some of the activities that your kids can do are picking grapes and tasting grape juices.

Where are the best wine tours in California?

More than 90% of the country’s grapes are grown in California. 88% of American wines are also produced here. Wine production in California started centuries ago, that is why this is the best place for wine tours.

Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are the most famous places when it comes to wine tours. The former has more than 400 wineries and the latter has more than 600.

You can also visit Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara, Mendocino County, and Malibu to look for wineries and vineyards. Places for wine tours are literally widespread all over California.

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