How to Calculate TNT International Shipping Rates

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tnt international shipping rates
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TNT Express is an international courier and delivery service that started in Australia way back in 1946. After more than 7 decades, TNT now has a headquarters in the Netherlands.

It has done thousands and millions of shipments in more than 200 countries. Each and every day, they receive many envelopes and boxes that need to be delivered globally. But how much is the TNT international shipping rates?

How much are TNT international shipping rates?

tnt international shipping rates
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Here is the thing – TNT shipping rates are not consistent. There are different factors that make some shipments cheaper or more expensive than others. The cost of shipping is based on three factors:

  • Type of shipment
  • Weight
  • Destination

Simply put, the heavier it is and the farther the destination, the more expensive the rates are.

Moreover, a TNT shipment can usually take days or weeks to be delivered depending on its destination. However, if you want your packages to arrive at its destination fast, you can opt for ‘rush delivery’ at a higher shipping cost.

How can you calculate TNT shipping rates?

If you want to know how much sending a package can cost, here are some sites to help you know the right shipping costs:

TNT Express Website

tnt international shipping rates
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TNT’s website has complete details to give you the rates of your shipment depending on all mentioned factors. They thoroughly explain on their website how each shipment can cost depending on the weight, destination, and other factors. Through this, TNT customers will be able to know how much they should pay when shipping a package.

Aside from that, going to TNT’s website can also give you tips on how to cut costs, how to pack and send your shipments properly, and the like.

tnt international shipping rates
Image Credits is an online shipping tool that compares shipping rates for several shipping companies. Not only do they show the shipping rate of TNT, but the rates of other couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS as well. All you need to do is type in the necessary information about your shipment and it will do the rest for you. is a great platform for you to know shipping rates and it can help you decide which shipment courier to use.

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