Fix Home Appliances: Know When To Call a Repairman

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Home appliances are a major part of almost every home. They make doing chores around the house easier and faster. This is why having a broken home appliance can cause frustration to many homeowners who already have enough on their plates.

But how do you know when to call the repairman or simply toss your broken appliance to the garbage? If you can have it repaired, what should you look for in a repairman who can fix home appliances?

Fix Home Appliances or Replace It?

If you are unsure whether you should have your broken appliance repaired or replaced, consider the following:

How Old Is It?

Appliances have an average life span and when it reaches this point, it’s ultimately better to have them replaced. Continual use of obsolete appliances can rack up your electricity bill.

Is It Still Covered By Warranty?

Always keep your home appliance’s warranty card to see if you can have it repaired at a reduced fee or for free. Warranties are also helpful if you have an expensive appliance which has also expensive parts since you can get it for a discounted amount.

What is the Cost For Repair or Replacement?

When getting an appliance repaired, you should consider if getting repairs is cheaper than buying a new one. If getting your appliance repaired can be more costly than replacing it, you should go for the latter.

How Do You Find The Right Repairman To Fix Home Appliances?

If you think your appliance can still be fixed and you have taken into consideration the age, warranty, and price, you should look for the right repairman. To get the best service, consider these tips:

  1. Compare at least three service companies – Check the background of at least three service companies and identify if they have a license, insurance, and how long they are in business.
  2. Ask for referrals – Ask your friends or family if they can refer a repairman who can do the job well and if they will most likely use that service again.
  3. Inquire costs – When searching for the right repair service, inquire about the overall costs that you need to pay, which includes the labor charges and if there are parts that need replacement.
  4. Check if they provide a warranty – One thing to look for in a service company is that they should provide a warranty for their services so you can be assured that they are doing the best job.

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