Virtual Assistant International NYC: Foreign Companies Worth A Look

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The virtual assistant industry has been seeing growth outside New York and the United States in general. Virtual assistant international companies mainly from Asia, India and the UK are now becoming strong contenders. 

So we have listed some international companies worth a look. Most noteworthy, even though these companies are overseas, you can still experience their service even if you are in New York City.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: Philippines

In the last decade, outsourcing businesses have been a boom in the Philippines. Young, talented, and ambitious Filipinos capitalized on this growth. This propelled them to being one of the best locations to find an excellent virtual assistant.

  • OnlineJobs PH

    • Founded: 2009 by Utah-based entrepreneur, John Jonas
    • Overview: A remote job board for Filipinos.

Create a way to tap into the affordable Filipino workforce to the rest of the world.

  • Virtual Coworker

    • Founded: 2011 in Australia by Braden Yuill
    • Overview: A remote staffing agency. They work exclusively with Filipino virtual employees. Candidates go through rigorous screening before being matched with a client.
  • Prialto

    • Founded: Portland, Oregon
    • Overview: Employs a global staff mainly from Asia and Central America. They provide virtual executive assistant services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: India

India has long been known for its outsourcing businesses. It is home to many virtual assistant companies and most of its workforce are excellent English speakers. No wonder India is people’s top-of-mind when it comes to virtual assistance.

  • 24/7 Virtual

    • Founded: 2008 with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India.
    • Overview: Geared towards small businesses. Clients can train their dedicated assistants to the specific needs of their business.
  • Acelerar

    • Founded: Based in the high-tech suburb of New Delhi
    • Overview: Employs college graduates and subjects them to 2-weeks of intensive virtual assistant training.

Acelerar provide round the clock virtual assistant service for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

  • MyTasker

    • Founded: 2012 by three veteran VAs who brought their experience to the table
    • Overview: Other than general administrative tasks, MyTasker also offers SEO and virtual receptionist services.

Virtual Assistant International NYC Spotlight: Europe/UK

The UK and Europe are also regions with a fast growing outsourcing industry.

  • Worldwide101

    • Founded: 2009 by Sandra Lewis
    • Overview: An International premium virtual assistant company with clients and assistants in North America and Europe. Their approach is very personalized – making sure that clients are assistants are carefully matched based on skills and personality.
  • Time Etc

    • Founded: 2007 by entrepreneur Barnaby Lashbrooke
    • Overview: Initially a UK-based virtual assistant company but has now expanded into the US. They only employ professional VAs with at least 5 years commercial experience.
  • AVirtual

    • Founded: 2014 by Richard Walton
    • Overview: A South Africa-based virtual assistant company targeting clients from the UK.

Most assistants have either lived or worked in London, giving them a good understanding of UK business practice.

A Good Alternative

While virtual assistants are becoming more and more diverse, it is still very limited to what can be done remotely. Virtual assistants are unable to do tasks that require them to be physically present.

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