Top 4 Personal Assistant App for Android NYC

Magic can handle this for you! Magic is a text-based concierge service that can do anything, anytime anywhere. If you are wondering what is the best personal assistant app for Android NYC, here is your answer. 


personal assistant app for android nyc
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Smartphones can do so much more than just sending and receiving calls and text. Installable android smartphone personal assistants can assist their users in doing small tasks. We have listed below the top personal assistant app for Android that you must try:

Top 4 Personal Assistant App for Android NYC

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the best personal assistant app for Android NYC which even rivals Apple’s Siri in many tasks. It comes with great features that can be done through voice command like:

    • Smart unlock
    • Writing a shopping list
    • Navigation
    • Finding locations
    • Providing daily news briefs
    • Giving weather updates
  • Writing an email or text message

Dragon Mobile Assistant

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly smartphone personal assistant, then this one is for you. Dragon Mobile Assistant may be simple but it can do tasks such as:

    • Giving daily news briefs
    • Providing weather updates
    • Giving directions to a location
    • Open other phone apps
  • Send text messages


A relatively new personal assistant app for Android, Bixby is developed by Samsung to be available to Galaxy S8 and above users. These new Samsung devices have a Bixby dedicated button for easier access to in helping you with:

    • Translating text from one language
    • Identify landmarks through your phone camera
    • Read QR codes
  • Searching for products

Microsoft Cortana

Just as Siri is built into Apple devices, Cortana is a built into Windows 8.1 and 10 devices. It is a voice assistant which can:

    • Find locations and provide directions
    • Search the internet
    • Play music from your smartphone
    • Provide game stats of your favorite team’s game
  • Take note of your interests like food and places.

Personal Assistant App for Android NYC: An Alternative

These four personal assistant apps for Android can help you with your smallest tasks right from your phone. But there are still limitations to what these apps can do. For a more flexible, on-demand personal assistant app for android NYC, try Magic!

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that can actually help you with the things you need to do and carry out bigger tasks that your android app cannot do.

For example, your personal assistant app for Android can look for food places near you, but Magic can call the restaurant, order the food, and make sure it gets to you even if you’re outside the delivery area.

Just imagine how much easier your life can be when you have a personal assistant app for Android for small tasks combined with the Magic personal assistant for everything else!