Why You Need a Social Media Virtual Assistant NYC?

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social media virtual assistant nyc
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Effectively tapping into such a rich pool of potential consumers in New York and beyond is every business owner’s dream. This is something a social media virtual assistant NYC can help you achieve.

Social Media has long established its place in marketing. About 2.34 billion people all around the world are social media users. In effect, people are connected now more than ever.

But if you think Social Media Marketing is all about setting up a Facebook profile, you are wrong.

There is a lot more to social media than just posting photos every now and then. Only experts can bring out the best in your business through social media.

What Can Having a Social Media Virtual Assistant NYC Do for your Business:

Let the facts do the talking:

  • 3 out of 5 small businesses credit social media for gaining new customers
  • 99% of the top brands are on Facebook
  • 64% Twitter users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online
  • There is a strong presence of social media in New York; so strong that they have a social media week.
  • There are many social media agencies and marketing services based in New York.

If that does not convince you enough, here are some benefits social media can do for your business, whether you may be in New York or not.

  1. Enhance Brand Exposure and Equity. One post is not restricted to New York or the country. It can be seen by millions of people. People often see your value in the number of your followers, therefore: more followers, greater valuation.
  2. Lead Generation. People who visit your page are more likely to be potential customers.
  3. Get to know the Target Market. Analytics in social media channels provides valuable insights about your audience. This will allow you to create content they would enjoy.
  4. Quick Customer Service. Address grievances straight away by quickly replying in the comments or sending them a message.
  5. Open Up for Collaborations and Keep up with Trends. Expand your network by collaborating with other similar brands.
  6. Monitor Competition. Monitor the activities of your competitors and observe what strategies work for them.

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant NYC?

A social media virtual assistant NYC is a remote employee servicing New York City whose expertise is in social media marketing. Not only does it save you the overhead cost of hiring an in-office staff, you also don’t have to go through the learning curve of each social media channel.

A social media virtual assistant NYC knows the world of social media intimately. Leveraging this knowledge will help your business become more visible to potential customers.

Tasks a social media virtual assistant NYC can do for you:

  1. Create Content. Engage your potential consumers through well-research and useful content.
  2. Engage with Audience. Nothing makes a customer feel valued than a personal response to their query.
  3. Social Media Profile Upkeep. Maintain quality by keeping your page updated, and replying to comments in a timely manner.
  4. Manage Facebook Ads. Takes care of tasks related to Facebook ads like keyword research, SEO, and analysis of the ad campaign.
  5. Competitive Analysis. Keeps an eye on the competition and observe what strategies work for them.

Where to Find a Good Social Media Virtual Assistant NYC?

Now that you have realized how valuable a social media virtual assistant NYC is, the question now is where do you find one?

These are just some good resource to start your search for a good social media virtual assistant search for a good social media virtual assistant:

  • Guru / Upwork
    • Both Guru and Upwork are online platforms for freelancers to post their competitive profiles. Once you have set up an employee account, you can then interview and hire a virtual assistant.
  • VA Networking
    • VA Networking is the biggest social media network for a virtual assistant. Just send a Request for Proposal in order to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing.


A social media virtual assistant can do so much for your business. It has become a necessary evil in this highly competitive digital environment. Either go through the learning curve of social media marketing or use a service like Magic to hire an expert social media virtual assistant and start growing your business today.