Personal Assistant to CEO NYC: An Invaluable Aid

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personal assistant to ceo nyc
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A personal assistant to the Chief Executive Officer can be a crucial position for any company. His or her role can be immensely helpful if efficient, and professionally punishing if not. He or she is given difficult tasks to accomplish and is trusted to think and find feasible long-term solutions to any difficulties that an organization might be going through.

While “Personal Assistant to CEO NYC” might sound like an inspiring rags-to-riches success story, if you’re reading it in a job posting, it actually means working as a committed personal assistant for a CEO.

Aside from having basic skills and intellectual capacity, a CEO’s personal assistant is also expected to possess a set of values that will generate good, acceptable outcomes for the company.

Due to the ubiquity of chief executives relying on them, if a personal assistant gets fired or decides to resign, companies tend to urgently look for a replacement.

How is it different from an Executive Assistant?

Many people think that a personal assistant to the CEO and executive assistants are essentially the same; they are not. Despite the fact that many companies hire one person to fill both roles, there are still some fundamental differences.

In a general sense, executive assistants take the higher position. Even though the two share the similar tasks and job description, executive assistants take on additional responsibilities such as making decisions in the absence of the Senior Executive.

Duties to be fulfilled by a Personal Assistant to CEO NYC

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In a nutshell, a personal assistant to a CEO NYC often acts as a link between the CEO and the managerial teams, department heads, and supervisors. Other duties that may be assigned to them include:

  • Organizing and scheduling meetings/conferences
  • To book tickets and arrange accommodation for a manager’s travel
  • Taking notes of the proceedings during meetings
  • Checking and responding to important business-related emails
  • Preparing significant documents and presentations

Hire a personal assistant to CEO NYC virtually

Looking for a personal assistant to CEO NYC may be a serious ordeal if you need it as soon as possible.  Luckily there are virtual assistant services that obviate the need for a hiring process altogether.