Remote Personal Assistant: Tips on How You Can Effectively Work With One

remote personal assistant
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Just a few years back, most entrepreneurs were skeptical about remote personal assistant services, perhaps hesitant to hire someone they couldn’t even see.

Traditionally, businesses prefer to employ in-office staff. They felt that it made more sense to have someone who can physically report to them. It was also a lot more secure to keep all documents and correspondence within one network.

However, businesses and entrepreneurs eventually realized the advantages of a remote personal assistant outweighed the concerns. Since then, remote virtual assistants have been highly utilized even by large companies.

What is a Remote Personal Assistant?

A remote personal assistant, often called a virtual assistant (VA), is someone who can provide you services remotely.

All communication with the assistant is done virtually over the internet, or through phone calls and emails. A good line of communication and coordination with your assistant is a must to ensure a good working relationship.

Tips on How to Work With Your Remote Personal Assistant

Take the Time to Find the Best One

When you are looking for a remote personal assistant on various online platforms, it is important to dedicate time in researching.

  • Expect that you will receive a lot of applications
  • Be patient in sifting through their qualifications
  • Know not only their skills and expertise but also their personality

Be Professional

Remember that the only difference between a remote personal assistant and an in-house staff is their office. Maintain a professional relationship with them.

  •  Be extra patient and walk your remote personal assistant through the works of the job
  • It may be a steep learning curve at first, but it will be worth it

Give Clear Instructions

When working with a remote personal assistant, you should always give clear and detailed instructions. Again, communication is key for a good working relationship. 

  • Never assume that the personal assistant would know all your specifications
  • But also avoid micro-managing them as it restricts their productivity

Don’t Overload Your Assistant

As much as you would want to jump into full productivity, give time for your virtual assistant to learn – especially when they are new.

  • Set realistic goals
  • Gradually increase the load when they start to become comfortable with the work

Give Tasks by Importance

It is best to provide your remote personal assistant with a to-do list sorted according to importance.

  • Break it down to four quadrants – Urgent, Not Urgent, Important, Not Important
  • This article lists various time management tools you can try with your assistant

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