Why They are the Best: Virtual Assistant Services Reviews

Still having a hard time picking and choosing the right virtual assistant company for you? Let these real life testimonials from clients help you!

Previously, we have listed down some of the top virtual assistant companies. With this article, we have collected real client testimonials from these companies to help you decide which virtual assistant company is right for you.

Here are Some Virtual Assistant Services Reviews and Testimonials

All quoted statements are taken from each virtual assistant company’s website

Magic: On-Demand Personal Assistant

virtual assistant services reviews

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant service. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, Magic will find a way to help you

Here are some testimonials from their clients:

Magic is all the on-demand services rolled into one. I’ve asked them to help me with everything from booking a next day DMV appointment, to getting last minute tickets to exclusive events. Veronika Kapustina

Magic is magical! Delegating our administrative tasks to Magic allowed us to focus on building a great product instead of daily minutiae. Paul Bohm

Magic is instant power at your fingertips. It’s saved me time and time again. Jack Abraham

I tried to make reservations at a trendy New York restaurant. Long story short, MAGIC got my mother and me into the restaurant when I couldn’t make it off the waiting list. I couldn’t be happier with the service! Dave Hennessey


Virtual Assist USA

virtual assistant services reviews
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Specializing in providing skilled virtual assistants, Virtual Assist USA has helped businesses in many ways – administrative, social media, graphic design and more.

Here are some statements from their clients:

Rachel has been a lifesaver, coming up to speed rapidly on items that other folk[s] have found a bit tricky, and saving me a ton of time and energy. Britton Gregory

Just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to work with Hal. He did a great job and was very responsive and easy to communicate with. Cindy Berkowitz

[…]They have experts in all the areas — newsletter, social media, etc. and I have specific people I work with all the time. Ginger Burr

Time Etc

virtual assistant services reviews
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This article thoroughly reviews Time ETC. They are definitely one of the top virtual assistant companies in the industry.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant services reviews
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Read what some of their clients think of 24/7 Virtual Assistant’s services:

Working with these guys helps me take care of all the ground work so that I can focus on my business. Adam K

The 24/7 team is so easy to deal with! I just email them what I need and I don’t have to worry about it! Angie L


virtual assistant services reviews
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Uassist.Me is the place to look for bilingual assistants who can speak both Spanish and English. Their services include translation, content creation and customer service available in both languages.

Here are some testimonials:

She helps me a lot with my personal affairs, paying my bills, making purchases on my behalf and managing my calendar. Aidan Murphy

I’m more than happy with the service so far and look forward to work with Uassist.ME for the years to come. Matthew Wilson


virtual assistant services reviews
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TaskRabbit is an on-demand handyman matching service. Pick a tasker from a pool of candidates and wait for them to come and get the job done!

Here’s some of their clients’ testimonials:

Using TaskRabbit to have a new bookcase built was a great choice! Rick did wonderful work with a job that was much bigger than we anticipated. Nadine S.

I finally have expertly installed shelves and additional storage in my tiny apartment, all thanks to my Tasker. Kevin S.

I’d been agonizing over how to get my new flat screen mounted to my wall. In comes Nick on the same day. He arrived with all the tools for the job and was just a super nice guy. Gabrielle K.

Now that you’ve read virtual assistant services reviews about some of the top companies in the industry, you can rest assured that any of the companies listed above would be a great choice.

Which virtual assistant company are you likely to try?