Personal Assistant in Atlanta: The Service You Might Need

Atlanta, Georgia is known for its southern hospitality, great food, and its sports team. However, just like any big city, Atlanta can also be known for its hectic urban lifestyle. When errands start piling up, you need a personal assistant in Atlanta.

We listed some companies where you can find a personal assistant in Atlanta:

personal assistant in atlanta
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personal assistant in atlanta
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D.I.V.A. is a personal assistant provider in Atlanta. The acronym stands for Distinctive Intellectual Vivacious Assistants. They offer:

  • Personal Assistants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Home Assistants
  • Business Assistants
  • Organization Assistants
  • Design Assistants
  • Sports & Entertainment Assistants
  • Fashion Assistants

Aside from those services, they also plan and budget parties, make travel itineraries, organize weddings, and much more!

Concierge Services of Atlanta

personal assistant in atlanta
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CSOA is an Atlanta-based concierge service that has been operating since 1997. Some of the things they offer are:

  • Purchasing tickets for upcoming events
  • Corporate Concierge Services
  • Residential Concierge Services
  • Retail Concierge Services
  • Event Planning

Summit PA Services

personal assistant in atlanta
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Summit PA Services is a staffing and recruitment agency in Atlanta. They also offer:

  • Pre-Hiring Services
  • Hiring Services
  • Onboarding Services
  • Retention Services
  • Exit Services

Magic Personal Assistant

Magic is an online concierge service based in San Francisco, California. Though located on the other side of the coast from Atlanta, Magic’s text-based service can be accessed anywhere in the world. Some of its services include:

  • Food delivery
  • Making travel itineraries
  • Setting up appointments and meetings
  • Booking hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Corporate work
  • Purchasing items
  • …more!

Possibilities are endless and you can request anything (as long as it’s legal and possible).