Running Errands Would be Easier with These Apps

Running errands can be a pain.

Not only is it exhausting but it can also consume a lot of your time and patience. Going to the store to buy some groceries may sound like an easy errand until you get stuck in traffic, struggle through crowded aisles, and have to deal with long checkout lines. It can be enough to make you want to stay at home and just start dieting instead.

running errands
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However, running errands like grocery shopping is important and it keeps a household or an office working smoothly.

running errands
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What is an Errand?

running errands
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An errand can be any short, important trip where you get to do specific tasks. Running errands can be for a number of reasons and purposes. An errand can be:

  • going to the groceries
  • paying your bills
  • taking care of your employment requirements
  • buying school supplies
  • going to the pharmacy to buy prescriptions
  • personally meeting a client or business partner
  • going to the mall or bank
  • canvassing house furniture prices

These are just some examples of errands that a person might need to accomplish. They all seem like basic, simple tasks and would be trivial were it not for other factors that affect it, like time of day, weather, location, other commitments, etc.

Here are some apps that can help you lessen your stress and ease your troubles while running errands.


running errands
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Favor app lets you get anything you want within your city and have it delivered to your house. It does not matter if you want restaurant take-outs, grocery items, clothes, toys, household items, or what – Favor can get all of those things for you as long as it can be purchased in your city.

A “runner” will take care of anything that you want to buy or get. The best part, all of these can be done in less than an hour. It saves a lot of time and it can give you the liberty to do other tasks.



running errands
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Postmates is slightly similar to Favor. However, Postmates have a wider range in terms of location compared to Favor. There are many versions of Postmates in the App Store and Google Play but they all share the same purpose.

A local courier or “postmate” will receive your requests (like a grocery list or restaurant order) and they will take care of those for you. Postmates have become popular these past few days and some famous YouTube vloggers have even made videos of them using the app.


Need to make a request but do not have an internet connection? Well, you can try Magic‘s text-based service. You don’t need WiFi or mobile data in order to make a request, you just need a phone that can text and the Magic number below, then voila! Your request is being handled just like that.

Unlike Favor and Postmates that only takes care of basic errands, Magic can be used as a full-fledged personal assistant that can do literally anything you want or need. Trying their iOS app is also another option for you to try their services.

Pro Tip: Text M4RUNRANDS to (408) 217-1721 to jumpstart your Magic experience