On Demand Personal Assistant: Why You Need One Now

on demand personal assistant
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Have you ever experienced needing to get something done right away but have other things to do at the moment?

Most people do. If so, maybe now is the time to have an on demand personal assistant.

What is an On Demand Personal Assistant?

While there is already quite a number of personal assistant apps like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant for your phone, they cannot do everything for you. While you can use them for fast searches, sending emails or texts, and setting up reminders, these apps cannot replace having an actual personal assistant.

An on demand personal assistant helps you with your chores and tasks anytime you need it. These tasks are not limited to what your phone can do since they are able to carry out anything that a human can do.

Why Use an On Demand Personal Assistant?

Anyone who has a busy lifestyle can benefit from having a personal assistant. They can assist you in doing smaller tasks that do not require your full attention and specific knowledge or skill.

When it comes down to it, people get caught up in accomplishing small tasks like sending a package or booking a plane ticket. If you have a personal assistant, you will no longer have to worry about these tasks. 

Now, not everybody needs a personal assistant every single day. There are those who need a PA from time to time. With an on demand personal assistant, you can simply use his or her services whenever you need it. 

What Can your On Demand Personal Assistant Do?

  • “Book me a plane ticket to Japan tomorrow”
  • “Order a bouquet of flowers for my wife and send it to her office by 3 pm”
  • “Have this package picked up from home and deliver it to my client in Illinois”
  • “Find me a venue for my kid’s birthday on the 20th”
  • “Book me a venue for my business meeting tomorrow”
  • “Set me an appointment with my dentist”
  • “Hire me a home repair service to fix my roofing”

These are only a few things that your on demand personal assistant can do for you immediately. If you are wondering where you can get a fast and reliable on demand PA, use Magic.

Magic is an on demand personal assistant that can do your tasks for you by simply sending it a text message. Easy, right?

What’s more, Magic will make sure that your preferences are carefully considered when carrying out your tasks. This can guarantee that you get what you really need as if you were the one who carried out the task yourself.