5 Best Odd Jobs App To Earn Extra Dollars

Whether you are saving up for a holiday or simply just want to do more with your free time, odd jobs are an easy way to earn extra. Tasks can range from dog walking to IKEA furniture assembling – either way, it pays good for the simplicity of work. Who would say no to that?

To bridge the demand of job listings and people who are willing to do them, odd jobs app are popping here and there.

Five Top Contenders for Best Odd Jobs App

Field Agent

odd jobs app
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  • Sort tasks by proximity or by the highest paying job
  • Tasks mainly revolve around collecting photos, video, and information from stores and other business locations
  • Payment via PayPal


odd jobs app
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  • Tasks can range from completing surveys, watching videos, to visiting retail stores
  • Up to $20 per completed task
  • Immediately withdraw earnings via PayPal


odd jobs app
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  • Jobs available in most cities in the U.S.
  • Tasks are simple – includes taking product photos, store fronts, review prices, and check for promotions


odd jobs app
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  • Magic is an on-demand personal assistant that can do anything for you
  • Rate is $35 / hour billable by the minute
  • You can ask them to find odd jobs for you within your given parameters
  • Cap the work time to only a couple of minutes (say 20 minutes that way you only pay $12)
  • Download their iOS app here or text “M4ODDJOB” to (408) 217-1721.


odd jobs app
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  • As the name suggest, each task is priced at $5 (add-ons can be included on top of the base rate)
  • Job listings are mostly skill-based tasks

Odd jobs are a very good way to put your free time to good use. These contenders for the best odd jobs app are helpful tools allowing you to easily find jobs within your vicinity.

What odd jobs app are you most likely to try?