Virtual Secretary: Real Life Assistance for Businesses

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If you have a small business or starting up one, you should consider hiring a virtual secretary.

He or she can help you free up some of your time by doing small tasks. This lets you focus on bigger tasks that need your particular attention.

What are the Perks of Having a Virtual Secretary?

  • A virtual secretary for a small business is more cost-efficient since you do not need to hire a full-time physical assistant
  • You can him or her work for you on a full time, part time or hourly basis
  • You can get the same job quality done by a physical secretary
  • He or she can ensure that your business runs smoothly
  • You can save time to focus on more important matters
virtual secretary
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What Can Your Virtual Secretary Do For You?

Working with your virtual secretary means that you are willing to open up your business to someone who is going to work for you. After discussing with him or her the objectives of your business and his expected work output, you can start maximizing your secretary.

Here are some tasks:

  • Email management
  • Arranging meetings and appointments
  • Preparing and collating business reports
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing your online and social media accounts
  • Documenting customer feedback
  • Booking venues for work-related activities
  • Set reminders for schedules and events

Where Can You Find a Virtual Secretary?

Finding the right secretary for your small business can be done through various online platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. In these sites, you can browse through hundreds of profiles and find the right person for the job.

Or you can have Magic as your virtual secretary.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant who you can do all the things a virtual secretary can do, whenever you need it. Learn more about Magic here.