Task Rabbit: Get Your Home Repairs and Projects Done for You

How many days has it been since that sink started leaking? Is that cabinet still lying on the floor waiting for assembly?

Finding the right time to do these home projects and repairs can be tricky. This is especially true for people who do not have the time or skill to do them. If you are experiencing this problem, you should check out Task Rabbit.

What is Task Rabbit?

Assembling IKEA furniture takes forever. Cleaning your home after a party is time-consuming. Repairing things on your own leave you with an even more damaged item. In short, doing chores and errands around the house can be very tedious if you do not have the ability and time to do so.

Task Rabbit has the goal of providing same-day home repairs and project services to people who need it. You can do your day job or simply relax at home after a busy week while having your “Tasker” do your home chores for you.

Taskers are your neighbors who are willing to do various types of home jobs for all types of people who need their assistance.

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What are the Services Available in Task Rabbit?

Task rabbit basically focuses on home projects and repairs that revolve around the following categories:

  • Minor home repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • House cleaning
  • Home improvement
  • Mounting & Installation
  • Moving  & Packing
  • Yard work

How Does it Work?

Choose the type of service

By going to the online site or mobile app, you can choose the type of home service you like. Put in the details of the project and the time you want your Tasker to come over.

Get your Tasker

Choose from a list of Taskers who are qualified for the type of service you need. You can select a Tasker based on his or her hourly rate then start chatting through the app.

Get the service

After picking your Tasker, he will arrive at the designated time to get the job done. After the task is finished, payments will be done through the app.

Task Rabbit currently operates in a number of major US cities so you can check if your city is listed. If not, we recommend using Magic.

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Magic is an on-demand personal assistant which is like Task Rabbit and more. It can find the right people to do your home chores and projects, making sure that the rate and quality of work meet your standards.

Furthermore, Magic is not limited to home chores. It can do simple tasks like ordering food for you to bigger tasks like help you prepare for an event (from venue reservation to picking decorations). By simply texting a special number, Magic will instantly work on your request.

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So, if you need time off from having to face chores after your busy week, you should try using Task Rabbit and Magic.

Text ‘M4TR‘ to the short phone number above to jumpstart your Magic experience.