15 Things You Can Task Your Outsourced Personal Assistant

outsourced personal assistant
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Did you know that having an outsourced personal assistant can give you a happier life?

Spending your days doing one task after the other will definitely leave you stressed and burned out. At the end of the week, you no longer have the energy to spend quality time with your friends and family. If this is you, you should greatly consider outsourcing a personal assistant to help you.

First things first, what is a personal assistant?

In simple terms, personal assistants help you become more productive by taking on some of your tasks. You can focus on more important matters and accomplish more tasks in a day.

Outsourcing a personal assistant lets you work with a skilled individual virtually. This means that all your communications are through phone calls and over the internet. A majority of outsourced personal assistants are from other countries like India and the Philippines.

These types of personal assistants have skills in doing various tasks and can be full time, part time, hourly, or on-demand. For people who have a business or have a hectic schedule, outsourcing an assistant to help with their tasks can make life easier.

outsourced personal assistant
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Here are some of the great things you can outsource to your personal assistant:

  1. Manage your emails and respond to them while also notifying you of important messages
  2. Manage your calendar and schedule your activities to ensure that they do not overlap each other
  3. Managing your appointments and meetings to make sure that you do not miss them
  4. Remind you of your bills payment dates
  5. Order gifts for your loved ones even for those who live far away
  6. Find and book a home cleaning or repair service if you cannot find the time to do them yourself
  7. Look for a pet sitter for your dog or cat at an affordable rate
  8. Create posters, flyers, and brochures so you can market your business or product better
  9. Manage your social media accounts by creating daily posts or tweets
  10. Create and manage your business or company’s website from setting it up to updating it regularly
  11. Make hotel and restaurant reservations for work or personal matters
  12. Find and book a venue for special events like parties and weddings
  13. Hunt for your favorite brand or product and order them online
  14. Order your preferred food and have it delivered to where you are
  15. Book a transportation service like airplane flights or cab services

These are only a few of the things that a personal assistant can do for you. If you are convinced that you need help to manage your daily tasks and accomplish them effectively, we recommend Magic.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant which you can text through a special number or by downloading the iOs app. It is a personal assistant you can rely on anytime so you can reduce stress from your life.