Concierge Personal Assistant: Get Some Balance in Your Life

concierge personal assistant

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Do you find yourself on a seesaw trying to balance your work and personal life? Most people do.

You do not need to sacrifice time with your friends and loved ones just to get your work, chores, and errands done. To get through this daily seesaw ride, you should get your own concierge personal assistant.

What is a Concierge Personal Assistant?

People have a tendency to have a lot on their plate. Sometimes, more than what they can actually manage. If you think this is you, there is no harm from getting outside help.

A concierge personal assistant is someone who helps with the lifestyle management of individuals who have too many tasks to handle. They make sure that there is a balance in the daily lives of their clients, such that they do not dedicate all their time doing work.

These assistants take on smaller tasks that occupy most of their client’s time to help them focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, personal assistants enable people in actually having time for themselves and the people that matter to them.

concierge personal assistant
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What Does a Concierge Personal Assistant Do?

Anyone who needs more time can use a concierge. The primary reason is that these personal assistants are able to do a wide range of tasks like:

  • Find home cleaning and repair services
  • Do research work
  • Find and purchase gifts for loved ones
  • Book venues for meetings or special events
  • Find the best flight schedule and book tickets
  • Order food and have it delivered to you
  • Fix your schedule and calendar of activities
  • Schedule your meetings and appointments
  • Give you a daily reminder of the things you need to do
concierge personal assistant
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How Do You Find a Concierge Personal Assistant?

If you want to get more things done in your day, you can look for your concierge personal assistant online. These ‘virtual assistants’ can help you with your tasks whether you want to have them on a full-time, part-time, hourly, or an on-demand basis. You can view hundreds of personal assistant profiles that can suit your needs on sites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

However, if you think you need an on-demand assistant, we highly recommend Magic.

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant which you can ask to do tasks and errands for you by simply texting a special number or by downloading the iOS app. It will carry out your tasks as soon as you need it, no matter when or how often you need assistance. Magic will help you with all types of tasks (as long as it is feasible and legal) so you can have more time to do other things in life.