Siri-like Personal Assistant For Android

Regardless if you are an iOS or Android phone user, personal assistant apps are the new mobile operating system must-have. Apple’s Siri has become a household name in the phone personal assistant scene, but Android is not trailing far behind either.

Siri: The Competition


Believe it or not, Siri was not the first mobile personal assistant. But it is the most popular. A simple “Hey Siri!” or holding the home button on your iOS device activates this handy assistant.
Siri can help you with simple tasks, making your days that much more trouble-free. Siri may also be customized according to your personal preferences.
From technical questions like asking for directions to the entertaining ones like asking her to rap and beat box, Siri has an array of multiple purposes. This wide range of utilities that Siri can offer can definitely bring convenience to its user’s life.

How to Get Siri-like Personal Assistant for Android

Unfortunately, Siri is exclusively for Apple products. However, Android users are not deprived of experiencing the convenience and luxury of having Siri as a virtual assistant.



For Samsung devices, Bixby (previously S Voice) is the Samsung counterpart to Siri, it is also an ideal personal assistant app that comes pre-installed on Samsung phones just as Siri comes on apple ones.

personal assistant for androidGoogle Assistant

The personal assistant for Android that has the most similarity with Siri is Google Assistant (previously Google Now.) Google Assistant is best for visually impaired users because of its effective voice commands and Siri-like talkback features.

But other than these two popular personal assistant apps for Android, there are more assistants available in the market that deserves a spotlight.

The Google Play Store is a sea of different phone applications. Finding the right one is hard and you can get lost in trying to find the best app for your lifestyle.

Other useful personal assistant apps to install on your Android devices

When looking for a personal assistant app, there are a number of things to consider like:

  • Why do I need this app?
  • In what ways can it help me?
  • What are its main features?
  • How high is its rating?
  • What are some of the comments and feedback saying?

If you are highly considering functions and productivity, the app that you will select should be able to do at least a handful of these features:

  • Setting your alarm
  • Searching for keywords online
  • Giving you directions
  • Scheduling and/or canceling an event
  • Taking note of your reminders
  • Sending messages for you
  • Teaching you pronunciations of words (because it converses to you verbally)
  • Posting your tweets and status updates
  • Giving you food recipes
  • Calling people on your contacts
  • Telling you the time in different time zones
  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Telling you when and where to watch the latest movies
  • Doing numerical calculations
  • Changing your phone settings
  • Giving weather forecasts
  • Letting you ask about anything you want

Dragon Mobile Assistant

personal apps for android

Dragon Mobile has got to be one of Siri’s long lost twins in the Android world. It basically has all of Siri’s basic features and it is one of the most highly rated and most downloaded personal assistant apps in the Google Play Store.


personal apps for android

Robin is an app that is meant for people who are always on the road because navigating and giving directions is actually one of its main features. It also entertains questions for which it can look up answers online,


personal apps for android

There must be a reason why almost all personal assistant apps are named after a human’s name. Maybe because they want you to know that you can get the same quality of help from a real personal assistant just by using your phone – and Andy does just that!

Although Andy is capable of doing almost everything listed above, it is not able to give news updates and weather forecasts.

More Than Just a Personal Assistant

The apps above are all indisputably helpful! However, they all have one thing in common – they are all based on artificially intelligent software and are heavily reliant on internet connectivity.


personal apps for android

Similarly to Siri and the other apps, Magic can also be very helpful to anyone in need but since it is a text-based service available 24/7, with or without internet, you can reach out to them for a helping hand.

Magic is run by humans backed with cutting edge technology – this allows them to work more efficiently than any artificial intelligence.

personal apps for android

Whether you are an Android phone user or not, the Magic personal assistant app/service can surely help you with whatever task you ask.


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