Chore App: Parenting Trick to Keep your Kids Motivated

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Family dynamics have changed since the emergence of smartphones. Nowadays we all seem to have shorter attention spans and kids struggle with chores because of too much distraction.

This is why innovators are trying to play catch up with the changing times –  apps are being developed to incorporate technology while still fostering good family values.

A good chore app helps teach your kids responsibility in a fun and interactive way.


chore apps

Homey is a Family app that helps kids learn financial skills through doing chores. Through using the app, children are instilled with the idea that money is earned, not given. Homey is extremely easy and provides motivation through fun, visual incentives.

  • Shows kids how money is earned
  • Supports long-term goals
  • Teaches real financial skills
  • Connects the whole family

Free on App Store and Google Play


chore apps

Your kids will beg to do their chores! This is Choremonster’s promise. This app makes doing chores fun by engaging and rewarding kids. As they get their chores done, they gain points which they can use to redeem rewards like an hour of PlayStation or even a birthday party. They can also collect monsters as a reward for a completed task.

  • Kids can see and mark their chores complete
  • Parents add and approve completed tasks, and manage the rewards they can earn
  • 100+ collectible monsters

Free on App Store and Google Play



iRewardChart is an app that makes it easier for parents to track their kid’s behavior and reward them for good deeds. As they start earning stars, they can redeem them from the list of suggested rewards or pick from custom ones, tailored to each children’s liking.

  • Allow kids to feel responsible, challenged and respected.
  • Teach virtues by setting up abstract goals
  • Reward their accomplishments

Free on App Store and Google Play


chore apps

Magic is a text-based personal assistant service that can serve as a parent’s helper to monitor their children’s chore progress. It can manage the kids daily/weekly chores automatically and check in with them. Upon request, a ‘chore report card’ could be sent at the end of the day/week for the parents to review and decide what reward to give.

  • Monitor and manage kids remotely
  • Help with homework questions
  • Image verification of chores (Magic understands a picture of a clean room, mowed lawn, etc. )
  • ‘Chore Report Cards’ drafted and sent at end of the day/week.
  • Magic can organize the logistics for the kid’s reward (buy ice cream or plan a party)

Accessible via SMS and Telegram

chore app

Pro-tip: You can also text “M4CHORE” to (408) 271-1721 to jumpstart your Magic experience.


chore apps
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While too much technology can pose challenges to parenting, sometimes using technology effectively can improve the quality and enjoyment of life. Hopefully, you now have an idea of which chore app is best for you and your family.


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