Looking for a Personal Assistant for Hire?

The option to hire a personal assistant is no longer just for the rich and/or famous.

Nowadays, hiring a personal assistant can be done through a variety of technological mediums for an amazingly cheap price.

What’s a Personal Assistant?

personal assistants for hire
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For people with tough and exhausting daily activities, assistance from other people can make their lives more at ease.

Personal Assistants are commonly hired individuals who are tasked to do whatever their clients or employers tell them to do, they can be full-time or hourly.

Managers, company owners and executives, celebrities, and even stay-at-home parents have sought after the aid of personal assistants to lift some burdens off their shoulders.

personal assistants for hire
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Personal Assistants for hire

In the past, personal assistants would usually go to a client’s office or home and render their service in person. However, through the advancements in technology, there are now options that provide remote help through virtual personal assistants.

Many people have hired or have turned to Virtual Personal Assistants because they are just as efficient and productive as the ones you can hire in person. Other reasons include:

  • They basically do the same job for a cheaper price
  • The do not require any time off
  • You can contact them anytime of the day; even in the middle of the night
  • They have a wider range of connections
  • They can give results almost instantly
  • They do not leave any request or task undone
  • There can be more than one person working on your requests
personal assistants for hire
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Websites that let you hire a virtual personal assistant

As the demand for virtual personal assistants has increased, many websites have sprouted up over the years sharing a similar objective – to help their clients in the best ways possible.

EAHELP, UASSIST.ME, TIME ETC and FANCY HANDS are just some of the websites which have proven to provide quality assistance to their clients, especially in administrative tasks. However, one service sets itself apart from the aforementioned ones.

personal apps for android

MAGIC is not limited to doing paper and office works for you. You can ask even the most outrageous and unexpected request and they will still grant it for you. Anything goes as long as it is possible and legal. You can literally ask them whatever you want or need. You can try Magic by visiting its website, downloading its app (only available for iOS devices), and using their text-based service.


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