What is a personal assistant?

What is a personal assistant?

Wikipedia states:

In business or personal contexts, personal assistants are people who provide services that relieve his or her employer from the stress of tasks that are associated with managing one’s personal and/or business life.

In other words, personal assistants are people who make your lives easier.


Personal assistants have multiple duties that range from simple errands to arranging travel and accommodation. Because of the wide range of services they provide, personal assistants should be, at the very least, skilled in the following areas:

Listening and Communication

Personal assistants will be expected to follow instruction from their boss, with little or no follow up. Additionally, they will often need to communicate with others on their employers behalf.

Good listening and communication skills are needed for both of these crucial aspects of the job.


Beyond reading and writing, there is also tone of voice, emotional control, presence, and all the other aspects of interpersonal communication that can define a good personal assistant.  

As the first touch point between their boss and the outside world, personal assistants should leave positive first impressions on potentially clients, other employees, and upper management. 


Their boss will likely rely on them to keep the working day in order. Scheduling meetings, travel plans, billing, etc. will all require a successful personal assistant to have terrific organizational skills.


Writing emails, transcribing notes, creating spreadsheets, faxing, copying, and printing documents figure heavily in an personal assistant’s day.

Other attributes of an effective PA are:

  • Efficiency – Since the PA will be making things easier for their client, they need to be efficient.
  • Discretion – They will be hearing, reading, and learning about a lot of information that can be potentially harmful or damaging to their client, hence the need for discretion.
  • Flexibility – They will need to multi-task effectively.
  • Self-motivated – They will need to be driven in what they do. An unmotivated PA is an uneffective PA.
  • Proactive – Being able to anticipate their clients’ needs is a big factor for the client.

These same skills and attributes are found in the Magic service.

Magic is a text-based personal assistant service. They provide a team of highly trained personal assistants working with software that remembers your preferences, ensuring that the more you use the service, the more personalized and efficient it becomes.

Unlike an actual personal assistant, Magic is available 24/7, all year-round. Magic can do anything you want them to, as long as it’s legal and possible.



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