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Having a personal assistant in NYC has become a necessity for many of the city’s exhausted residents. New York City is nicknamed the “City that Never Sleeps” because of the continuous hustle and bustle. From shops that are open 24 hours to multiple nightlife activities and a subway system that does not close, this place will always have something to offer you anytime of the day.


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But just because the city never sleeps does not mean that you can’t — even if you already have too many things on your plate. Hiring a personal assistant will free up some of your time so you can look out for yourself.

Here are some of the things that you can ask your personal assistant in NYC to do for you:


Since NYC is a very busy city, you become exposed to long hours of traffic, hard-to-book restaurants, and people trying to fit too much into already hectic schedules. A personal assistant can help offload some of the following common business tasks:

  • Book your plane’s flights to reach your meeting or business engagement without hassle
  • Check, manage and reply to your emails
  • Book a cab or car service to take you to places and arrive on time
  • Manage your business by keeping track of your finances and document filing
  • Schedule and arrange your meetings and notify your co-workers
  • Book venues for office-related activities like training or conferences


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Whether you have a hectic job or simply staying at home, living in NYC can be very difficult especially if you are not too familiar with the best services. You can have your personal assistant look for whatever personal services you need like:

    • Find a mortgage, real estate, or house rental that would fit your budget and preferences
    • Get the New York Post, as a daily delivery to your doorstep.
    • Find the best locations and spots that fit your preferences like cafes, book shops, museums, and galleries
    • Find and book an efficient cleaning service for your home
    • Look for a great barber shop or salon and schedule an appointment
    • Book a venue and order the food to be served for your special occasions like birthdays and weddings
    • Have your pet’s final resting ground booked or reserved at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery & Crematory
  • Schedule a regular pet sitter to take your dog for a walk, veterinary visit, and other pet-related stuff


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After going through the daily hustle and bustle of the city, you should take some time to take care of yourself. Whether staying within the city or heading out, you can have your personal assistant do the following for your leisure activities:

    • Book your vacation or travel flights heading out of the city to other places or countries and vice versa
    • Schedule a travel itinerary in top cities like Rochester which is known as the Flour City and Flower City
    • Schedule a trip to the Niagara Falls State Park or the Cross Island Chapel which is the world’s smallest church
    • Book a ticket to visit the Statue of Liberty located at Ellis Island or the Bronx Zoo which is the largest city zoo
  • Have a reservation at Lombardi’s which is the first pizzeria in NYC which opened in 1895

Living in NYC has both perks and difficulties. This is why it is important to have a personal assistant that can assist you. If you do not have a personal assistant yet, did you know that you can use a virtual personal assistant that can do all the things listed above?


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Magic is your virtual personal assistant who responds to you wherever you are and whenever you need it. Unlike regular personal assistants who can handle only one task at a time, Magic will carry out multiple errands for you without worries.

This is the reason why more and more individuals who need assistance in their busy lives grow to love Magic because of its capacity to do the things you need to be accomplished fast. Let Magic be your personal assistant in NYC so you can have more time appreciating the big city!


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