How To Find A Personal Assistant Using Technology

Finding a personal assistant can be an ordeal especially if you have no idea where to start. Turning to the Internet may seem like an easy solution, but then again where to begin? The internet is so vast that using it unguided can be a task on its own.

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Now, how do we find the perfect personal assistant without wasting too much time on the Internet? Answer these three questions:

  1. What is your Personal Assistant for?
    Having trouble managing your calendar or emails? No time to do small errands like doing the laundry or paying bills? Maybe a little bit of both? You really need to tap into some extra hands. It will make both you and your future PA’s life a whole lot easier if you set these parameters early on.
  2. How skilled do you want your Personal Assistant to be?
    Nobody comes perfectly assembled in a box. You may find one candidate that has some of the skills that you are looking for but needs work on another. Do you have time to train them? If the answer is no, then you will want an assistant that is already highly experienced for the tasks you identified in the question 1.
  3. Do you expect your Personal Assistant to be on call 24/7?
    As much as it is ideal to have someone on call 24/7, life happens. Are you expecting your personal assistant to hold down the fort while you are out on holidays or will they need to take a vacation at the same time you do?

With those questions in mind, you are probably wondering, “Can I find someone who ticks all the boxes?” It may have been hard 5 years ago, but with technology, on our side, it does not have to be so anymore. Services like Magic make it possible to have an on-demand personal assistant just a text message away.


Built from a team of highly skilled individuals backed with software to quickly respond and manage complex requests, Magic is able to fulfill almost any demand – from picking up your dry cleaning, to organizing a last-minute company party.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, Magic is a superhuman personal assistant with the efficiency of a machine but with the personal interaction of an actual human. This seamless integration of technology and human capability makes accomplishing tasks much more efficient and ultimately more affordable.


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