Virtual Personal Assistant – Common Uses

The innovations in technology continue to provide individuals much-needed assistance which is why virtual personal assistance services are warmly welcomed. Virtual personal assistants services connect you to real people who operate online to provide you with what you need.


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Depending on the amount of help you need, you can hire one or more virtual personal assistants to carry out specific tasks. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of how to best use a virtual personal assistant. Below are some of the most common services that are requested of virtual personal assistants.

Services performed by virtual personal assistants

General or Administrative

One of the the most common type of virtual personal assistant, a general or administrative personal assistant, will do tasks such as:

    • Maintains your calendar of activities
    • Schedule your appointments
    • Check and respond to your emails
    • Organize your travels or book your flights
    • Documenting and updating your notes
  • Creating Powerpoint presentations


Technical virtual assistants are skilled in doing the following tasks:

    • Creating an email, blog site, website, or any other online account
    • Troubleshooting technical errors on your online accounts
    • Maintaining of your website or blog
  • Keeping track of orders and customer feedback on sites or blogs
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Social Media

Social media virtual assistants focus on the maintenance of your social media accounts and can do the following:

    • Setting-up and maintaining of social media accounts
    • Ensuring that the content of your social media accounts meets your preferences
    • Strategizing traffic acquisition 
  • Finding or creating imagery

Product or Program Launch

This type of virtual assistant specializes in launching specific products or programs by doing the following:

    • Doing extensive research to back up existing information about your product
    • Researching competitor products or programs and their pros and cons
    • Identifying the advantages of your product or program over others and utilize this to promote yours better
    • Strategizing how to launch your product or program successfully and identify the prerequisites to do so
  • Identifying the best time to launch your product

Graphic Design

One of the most in-demand virtual services is graphic design since it requires a specific set of skills and an eye for aesthetics. A good graphic design VA will be able to accomplish tasks such as:

    • Creating images for your online accounts like websites and social media
    • Creating presentations that are more difficult than Powerpoint
    • Editing photos through software like Photoshop
    • Creating flyers, brochures, and posters for both print and electronic use
    • Creating brand logos
  • Creating infographics


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Content Writing

Personal assistants who do content writing focus on creating written output like:

    • Content for your blogs
    • Article spinning
    • Guest blogging on relevant third party sites.
    • Writing content for e-books
    • Editing and Copywriting existing content
    • Translating a document from one language to another
  • Online research or data mining

Audio and Video

This type of virtual assistance focuses on creating audio and video outputs according to their client’s requirements. These assistants do the following:

    • Edit existing video and audio files to make it more coherent and neat
    • Creating intros and outros for both videos and audio files
    • Transcribe your audio and video files
  • Manage your YouTube and Podcast accounts

These tasks are the most common services sought from virtual personal assistants. Because of their specialized skills and efficiency in accomplishing their tasks, they are able to finish a task faster without sacrificing quality.

If you have a lot of tasks that you need to get done and may be having some difficulty in finding different virtual assistants to carry them out, you should try looking for a virtual assistant who can do all of this for you or find the right people who can.

Magic is your personal assistant on demand who you can contact 24/7 from wherever you are. Whatever type of virtual personal job that you want to be accomplished, Magic will carry it out for you. Simply put, Magic is your all-around virtual personal assistant.

You can request anything from Magic as long as it is possible and legal. For assisting you in all the virtual personal assistant services you need, Magic is your answer!


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