The 3 Personal Assistant Interview Questions You Need To Ask

The Interview is the most essential part of the hiring process. It can make or break it for both candidate and employer. During an interview, both parties have the chance to get to know each other’s work dynamics essential to a productive synergy.

You can ask as much question as you would like, but to find the best fit personal assistant for you, essentially it boils down to 3 questions:

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1. What do you think are the core skills a personal assistant should possess?

This is a very loaded question. Through their response, you as an employer are able to explore how they see an ideal PA. You can dig further into their answer by asking why they chose those skills and if they themselves possess those skills they have mentioned.

Ideal Answer: A personal assistant should be efficient. They should be able to look into a process and find a streamlined approach to it. Secondly, a PA should be a fast-thinker because time is of the essence. Time saved can greatly contribute to a company’s growth because it can be used in much more productive tasks. 

2. What level of commitment can you provide to the company?

Through this question, you are able to assess whether or not the candidate understands that they are an essential part of your company’s growth. Are they willing to work overtime at some point? Maybe forgo a holiday or two? Ideally, you would want a person who is a hundred percent on board with your vision.

Ideal Answer: My career is my number one priority at the moment. I understand that there will be times when I need to work beyond my regular hours or even during holidays. As a personal assistant, I have to share the same goals and vision as the company and leadership.

3. What added value can you bring to your employer?

This question tests the flexibility of your potential personal assistant. Say, for example, your wife is in need of an extra hand setting up for a party while you are out for a business trip,  would he/she find it fitting to his/her duties to accommodate her requests?

Ideal Answer: I am flexible enough to accommodate any request  – be it business by nature or personal. As long as I am an asset to the situation, I will do it to the best of my abilities.



Looking for a good personal assistant ironically can eat up a lot of your time. What if you need a hand now and have no time to do your due diligence? Do you risk haphazardly hiring a person who will have access to all of your personal information?

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