What Can a Personal Virtual Assistant Do For You?

Having a personal virtual assistant can be a great help for individuals who frequently have tiring and stressful days. The myriad of tasks they can accomplish gives you the ability to have more time to do the things you love or simply be more productive.

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In principle, personal assistants should be:

  • Flexible and available to work during the time you need them.
  • Organized and able to carry out tasks with a single instruction.
  • Have very good communication skills and can understand you easily.
  • Motivated and willing to assist and support you in any way.
  • Efficient and able to finish tasks at a given time.
  • Able to work under pressure.

The Birth of Virtual Personal Assistants

Personal assistants (or secretaries as they were known at the time) became a must-have in offices during the forties, and they are largely credited as the inspiration for today’s virtual assistants. In those days, personal assistants had to remain physically near their employers so they could be ready to assist them at all times.

In 1996 the term “virtual assistant” was conceptualized by Anastacia Brice and Thomas Leonard. The following year, Brice formed a virtual assistants’ organization called AssistU which aimed to provide individuals the assistance that they needed without hiring an actual person to accompany them at all times.

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Evolution of Virtual Personal Assistants

In the succeeding years, virtual personal assistants were warmly welcomed by
individuals all over the world because of the efficiency and low-cost of “hiring” one.

Recently, advances in artificial intelligence have led to new types of virtual personal assistants. Some rely completely on software (think Siri) while others, like Magic, blend software and humans for the best of both worlds.

Why Use Virtual Personal Assistants?

Virtual assistants, just like their human counterparts, are efficient and effective in carrying out tasks that need to be accomplished. From checking your emails, booking your flight, or ordering you a pizza, virtual assistants can do this for you through a simple email, message, or text.

Simply put, virtual personal assistants let you:

  • Have more time in your day to focus on other things you need to do
  • Avoid complexities of hiring humans and providing a fixed salary or payroll
  • Pay less and save more

They are capable of doing things like:

  • Staying on top of due dates and recurring bills
  • Online research and writing
  • Managing and updating your emails, blogs, and websites
  • Booking your flights and lodging
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Ordering food you want and delivering it to you wherever you are
  • Dealing with customer service hotlines

For detailed examples, look here: https://getmagic.com/examples

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Given the time-saving advantages of having a virtual personal assistant, having one that can do more is clearly better than having one that can only handle a few specific tasks. The all-in-one virtual personal assistant is exactly what you get with Magic. Anything you want (as long as it’s legal and possible) is just one text away!


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