Advantages of Hiring a Part Time Personal Assistant

Most businesses have now made ways to make hiring assistants more cost-effective. One of which to is employ part time personal assistants (PAs). As a result, demand for part time PAs is growing with no signs of slowing down.

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Advantages of Hiring a Part Time Personal Assistant

Having a part time personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks has major advantages. Here’s some:

Cost Effective

Unlike full-time personal assistants who work 8 hours a day, part-time personal assistants can work on-demand.

  • “Part time” can be very flexible so make sure to discuss the terms with your assistant
  • Your part time personal assistant will only be paid by  the number of hours he or she is of service to you

Hire Multiple Assistants

One of the problems with hiring a full-timer is that you will have to hope for the best that this one assistant is good at everything.

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Hiring a part-time personal assistant allows you to hire different individuals. You can be very skill-specific when hiring – making sure that they are experts on the task.

Accomplish Tasks Faster

A personal assistant who is already an expert will need less guidance, probably a check in here and there. This frees you up to focus on more important things. You can also be confident that the task will be carried out efficiently.

Broader Spectrum of Tasks

Asking your secretary to clean your kid’s room is unprofessional. You can ask them to find someone who can, but that’s another person to pay.

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Some part time personal assistants are okay doing a broader spectrum of tasks – from transcribing to running errands.

Magic: On-demand Personal Assistant

Magic is an on-demand personal assistant which can do whatever you request. Magic will save you from having to filter each part-time personal assistant from various sites just to find the perfect fit.


We have listed down the advantages of hiring a part time personal assistant. We hope this article helped you to decide whether or not a part time personal assistant is what you need.