Best Personal Assistant Apps

Thanks to Siri and Google Assistant, people are familiar with the use of voice-based personal assistant apps. Aside from these, there is an entire world of personal assistant technologies and services out there. Let’s explore the some of personal assistant apps that you can get on any device.



Windows phone users have the sassy, Cortana. It works similar to Google Assistant and Siri.

One cool feature with Cortana is being able to send a text message and call someone from your laptop when you don’t have your phone with you.

Cortona is free to download on both Google Play for Android phones and App Store for iPhones.


hound app

Hound is another AI app that works like a personal assistant. It gives you fast and deep results to what you ask for. It can also do what Siri does like looking up the weather, making phone calls, sending a text, finding restaurants, etc.

Hound combines speech recognition and natural language processing to perform your tasks faster without you typing. Android phone users and iPhone users can download the app free on Google Store and App Store.

Dragon mobile assistant


Dragon Mobile Assistant comes from Nuance, the makers of some pretty impressive voice dictation software for PCs and mobile devices. It can do things like making phone calls, setting alarms and reminders, playing music, finding a restaurant, etc.

Dragon Mobile Assistant let’s you update your social media status as well as create emails using your voice.

Aside from this, it can sense when you’re in a moving vehicle and switches to hands-free and eyes-free access modes. You can customize a wake up word to which the app would respond to and will obey your commands.



No, this is not Iron Man’s handy AI personal assistant but it was built to emulate the personality of Tony Stark’s Jarvis. It is comparable with Siri and other Android AI apps for all the basic uses.

Jarvis can also crack jokes and give fun responses to your questions. Beyond these, you can ask Jarvis to turn on your device’s flashlight or to open Chrome, set wallpapers, turn your WIFI off, or play a song.

What’s more is you can control Jarvis via a Bluetooth headset. Jarvis currently only supports the English language and is free to download.

Indigo virtual assistant


Indigo is a cloud based personal assistant app that is free to download on Google Play and App store. The app is voice activated; you don’t have to type anything to get things done. You can talk to it as you would to a person.

Indigo is integrated to top web services like:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Wikipedia
  • … And much more

Indigo lets you manage your contacts, maps, calendars, reminders, and alarms as well as sending a text, and making calls.



Having 24me in your phone is like having a super-smart personal assistant in your pocket. It can help you manage personal accounts, take notes, view calendar events, receiving reminders, etc.

It can support Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, and Apple. It is also voice activated, no need for typing. You can also link your social media accounts  to receive automatic notifications. It’s free to download on Google Store and App Store.

Google allo


Technically Google Allo is smart messaging app but it also brings you the Google Assistant which is what qualifies the app for this list. Google Assistant can do a lot of things like manage calendar, set reminders, read and send texts, make calls, play songs, look for news and weather updates, etc.

You can also ask anything and Google Allo will give you an answer, just like you would expect from Google. Google Assistant can integrate with your smart home devices such as Chromecast so you can control individual devices inside the house remotely. Google Allo is free to download on Google Play and the App Store.

While these apps are free and pretty impressive in their own way,  their reliance on automation sets limits on what they can actually do. There are some tasks which can’t be handled by these assistants, like real world errands, chores, making purchases, booking flights, etc.

Interestingly enough, there is another company out there that uses cutting edge artificial intelligence software alongside a team of highly trained professionals to rapidly fulfill  any assistance request, no matter how basic or complex.

magic logo

Magic is a personal assistant service that works via text or through a newly released iOS app. Magic is like having a team of fully functioning Siri or Google Assistant at your fingertips because they are available 24/7, 365 days a year. The software learns your preferences and information as you use the service. The more you use Magic, the more it gets to know about you and the more it can provide the best personal assistant service in an app.


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