Rise of Personal Assistant Services

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals are always looking for ways to cut expenses and maximize output. While hiring someone is certainly an additional monetary cost, the value you receive in freeing up time to work on more important tasks will almost certainly provide more value in the long-run. By delegating the menial tasks, you can focus more on running your business, closing more sales and raising your annual revenue. The rise of personal assistant services has made this possible.

Rise of Personal Assistant Services



RedButler is a personal assistant service that is based in the US providing back-end virtual assistance to premium business solutions. They cater to a wide array of clients from small business owners to teams at Fortune 500 companies. The assistants are screened through a rigorous selection process and many have years of experience  as executive assistants. RedButler offers 3 sets of plans: monthly, yearly, and hourly. The monthly rate starts at $450 which includes 15 hours of assistance. 


fancy hands

Fancy Hands is another US-based assistant service. Like RedButler, Fancy Hands can perform personal tasks or business related tasks.

Fancy Hands offers two types of requests: a standard request where they will get back to you within 24 hours. This is ideal for requests involving research or a third party professionals. You can also place a live request where they will answer you within one minute. This is ideal for requests that must be done quickly like dinner reservations, appointment confirmations or directions. They offer monthly plans starting at $29.99 for 5 requests. One request is 20 minutes worth of work.  Fancy Hands will work on any request as long as it doesn’t require the assistants to physically go somewhere for you.

Virtual Assist USA

virtual assist

Virtual Assist USA is an all American team of concierges based in Pittsburgh. They provide assistance to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers. They are composed of 42-person virtual assistant team with experience in launching, running and growing companies.


task rabbit

TaskRabbit offers a platform to connect you with independent contractors and experts in the task you need assistance with. TaskRabbit usually handles home related tasks like furniture assembly, moving assistance or tasks requiring a contractor or handyman.

TaskRabbit recently started adding business related tasks such as research, proofreading and travel arrangements. Since TaskRabbit provides a platform to connect you with third party private contractors, prices will vary based on the contractor’s rates.

Tasks Everyday

tasks everyday

Tasks Everyday is a San Francisco based personal assistant service that offshore’s its tasks to employees in India and the Philippines. They are one of the cheapest personal assistant company in the industry, but still provides quality service. They provide office administrative support, customer support, as well as back office and industry specific support to suit any businesses individual needs. This includes tasks such as web design, site maintenance and software development. Pricing starts at $6.98/hour. Their operation hours is available 24/7 Monday through Friday.


uassist me

Uassist.me is a personal assistant service located in El Salvador that offers bilingual English/Spanish services specializing in clerical and technology services like web design, social media management, and bookkeeping among others. The prices start at $299/month which includes 20 hours of assistance to use as needed. You can communicate with your assistant via phone, email, Skype, whatsapp, or any other form of communication you prefer.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24 7 assistatn

24/7 Virtual Assistant is an Atlanta based personal assistant service but also has an offshore office in India like Tasks Everyday. They provide administrative support and other industry specific assistance to entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. They offer two different plans depending on if you want offshore assistants or US based assistants. The offshore plans start at $299/monthly providing 24/7 assistance for 30 hours/month while the US plan start at $359 providing 24/7 assistance for 20 hours/month.



Zirtual offers to keep your work and life balanced by providing that extra set of hands you need to manage your work. They are great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small teams. They can handle simple office related tasks allowing you to focus on the more important aspect of your career or business.

Users get their own dedicated virtual assistant who will work with them on a one-to-one basis. You will always work with your dedicated assistant. You will need to negotiate the schedule of availability with your assistant, handle any training they need, and manage them yourself to ensure their workproduct meets your needs. Zirtual offers 4 sets of plans starting at $398/monthly which provides 12 hours of assistance per month.


magic logoMagic is a text based personal assistant on demand. Magic is perfect for both personal and business related uses. They can do what most personal assistant services do. The personal assistants are highly trained college graduate who will work on your request relentlessly. Magic prorates to the minute at $35/hour. Using Magic is like having a relationship with someone. The more you use it, the more it gets to know you, and the better the relationship gets.  Magic is available 24/7, 365 days a year.



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