Finding a Personal Helper that suits your needs

The primary role of a personal helper is to handle the day to day menial tasks, freeing up your time to focus on more challenging to do’s. By having someone to delegate to, you can 10x your productivity and accomplish more, faster.

Typical responsibilities of a personal helper usually range from personal related tasks like planning travel, managing household maintenance and contractors, errands such as groceries and dry cleaning to business related tasks such as managing calendars, scheduling meetings and appointments, conducting research or planning business travel.

Either way, the personal helper (sometimes called personal assistant, concierge or executive assistant) will oversee your day to day routine and makes sure everything’s in order.

The value of having a personal helper can be summed up into two words: More Time. Having an extra set of hands or brains to handle tasks on your to do list allows you to have more free time to work on your passion and take advantage of your abilities and strengths as well as spend more time with the people who matters most to your life.

When hiring someone, you’ll have to consider the nature of the tasks you want to hand off. If it involves having someone physically go to a certain location to complete the task then you’re better off with a personal helper. On the other hand if the tasks can be completed through the use of phone or a computer, a virtual assistant will do.


Services like Red Butler, and Virtual Assist USA offer back-end virtual assistance for premium business solutions. This is perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, or small business owners.



Redbutler is ideal for tasks that involves a continuous coordination with an online virtual assistant support. The monthly plans start at $450 which provides you 15 hours of assistance and one dedicated account manager.

uassist me is a personal assistant service located in El Salvador that offers bilingual English/Spanish services specializing in clerical and specialize duties like web design, social media management and bookkeeping among other services.

Virtual Assist USA

virtual assist

Virtual Assist USA is ideal for technical or specialized tasks like web design or social media management. They assist with research regarding business strategy, business systems, public relations and SWOT analysis.


If your needs fit more into your personal life, such as groceries, cleanings, laundry, oil changes, dinner reservations or travel planning, Fancy Hands, TaskRabbit and Thumbtack are all viable options.

fancy hands

FancyHands is great for small tasks in 20 minute increments like setting reminders, purchasing tickets, or making reservations. Pricing starts at $29.99 per month which entails you 5 requests. Each request is worth 20 minutes of work.


task rabbit

If your need for a personal helper involves cleaning, moving, delivery, and handyman work, TaskRabbit is ideal for this. TaskRabbit connects you to a third party contractor who will do your tasks for you. Prices vary based on the contractor’s hourly rate. You’ll have to negotiate well with the contractor to get the best value for your money.


ThumbtackThumbtack is another online service where you can find local professionals to do your tasks. Thumbtack works very similar to TaskRabbit. You describe what you need, then they will match you to a third party contractors. You will need to review the contractors on your own, determine availability and negotiate pricing on your own. Similarly, once you hire them, you will need to manage them on your own.


magic logoAnother option is Magic. Magic is a personal assistant on demand that works via text. Magic is ideal for both business and personal related tasks like scheduling, calendar management, travel arrangements or grocery delivery among others. Magic provides a team of trained assistants that work with proprietary software that prevents tasks from getting dropped, and remembers preferences with ease.

Magic bills at an hourly rate of $35 prorated to the minute for the time they actively spend working. Magic is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They can be your personal helper whenever you need one.  Try Magic now.

personal helper 2.0

Pro tip: You can also start using Magic now by simply texting “M4PH2” to (408) 217-1721.

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