Recommended Online Virtual Assistants

Sometimes you need a task done but don’t have the time to do it. You can use an online virtual assistant to get the task done, but it can be difficult just finding an assistant service that you can trust.

Lets explore some different virtual assistant services:


fancy hands

FancyHands is a New York based virtual assistant company that was founded in 2010. You won’t be assigned a dedicated assistant to work for you. Instead, your request is routed to an available member of their team. You pay for a certain number of requests monthly starting at $29.99 for 5 requests.

FancyHands is great for small tasks in 15 minute increments. However, they are not recommended for more complicated requests like writing articles and  business projects. Standard requests will be answered within 24 hours, although they try to get back to you much faster than that!



RedButler is considered one of the pioneers of virtual assistant industry in the US. The California based company is more focused on providing support to entrepreneurs, small business owners, teams, and executives. You will have an all-American personal assistant team working for you.

They are ideal for tasks that involve continuous coordination with complete online virtual assistant support. The monthly plans start at $450 which includes 15 hours of assistance and one dedicated account manager.



Upwork, formerly Elance-Odesk, is one of the top freelance platforms where you can hire independent professionals and collaborate with them to work on your tasks. Upwork acts as a middleman between paying clients and freelancers.

Depending on what you negotiate with the freelancers you contact, this may or may not be the least expensive option. It is certainly the most hands on approach, as you will need to locate, vet, contact, negotiate and schedule with the freelancers available through this platform by yourself. Once you hire them, you will need to handle all remote training and management of that employee yourself.


magic logo

Magic is a text based personal assistant service. Magic is available 24/7, and always responds within minutes. Additionally, there is no subscription or minimum usage. Magic charges a flat rate starting at $35 per hour, pro-rated to the minute- so you only pay for the exact minutes your assistant works. Magic is primarily used over SMS text message, however it is also available via Slack, email and an app for iOS. Magic provides a team of personal assistants working in concert with intelligent machines to help better remember your information and process your tasks quickly.


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