Best Personal Assistant Services, Period.

Modern technology has fueled our generation’s need for instant satisfaction. In this day and age, everything comes in an instant – instant news, instant food, instant cars, instant groceries – if you can name it, there’s probably an app or service for it. Naturally, we now have instant-humans in the form of personal assistant servicesThe following are some of the best personal assistant services and apps out there.

Best Personal Assistant Services:


Best Personal Assistant Services

RedButler is a personal assistant service that is based in the US providing back-end virtual assistance to premium business solutions. They cater to small business owners to teams to Fortune 500 companies. The assistants are screened through a series of selection process and most have years of experience as executive assistants.

RedButler offers 3 sets of plans: monthly, yearly, and hourly. The monthly rate starts at $450 and includes 15 hours of assistance.

They are ideal for tasks which involve continuous coordination with the assistants.


best personal assistant services

Fancy Hands is another US based concierge service. They offer similar services to Red Butler from personal tasks to business related ones. They have two types of requests: a standard request where they will get back to you within 24 hours. This is ideal for requests involving research or dealing with the third party. They also offer a live request where they will answer you within one minute. This is ideal for requests that can be done quickly and have an approaching deadline like phone calls, reservations, etc. They offer monthly plans starting at $29.99 for 5 requests. One request is 20 minutes worth of work.  They can do anything as long as it doesn’t require the assistants to physically go somewhere for you.

FancyHands is great for small tasks in 15-minute increments. However, they are not recommended for more complicated requests like writing articles and business process tasks.

Virtual Assist USA

virtual assist

Virtual Assist USA is an all-American team of assistants based in Pittsburgh. They provide assistance to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers. They are composed of a 42-person virtual assistant team with experience in launching, running and growing companies.

They are ideal for technical or specialized tasks like web designing or social media management. They can assist with business strategy, business systems, public relations and SWOT analysis.


task rabbit

Taskrabbit usually handle home related tasks like furniture assembly, moving and others. Only recently had they started adding virtual assistance to their services which include research, proofreading and travel arrangement. Since you are going to be working with third party contractors, prices will vary based on the contractor’s rates.

Tasks Everyday

tasks everyday

Tasks Everyday is a San Francisco-based personal assistant service that offshores its tasks to employees in India and the Philippines. They are one of the most affordable personal assistant options in the industry able to provide quality service. They provide office administrative support, customer support and back office as well as industry specific support and services such as web design, website maintenance, and software development. Pricing starts at $6.98/hour. They operate 24/7 Monday through Friday but are closed on weekends.

uassist me is a personal assistant service located in El Salvador that offers bilingual English/Spanish services specializing in clerical and specialized duties like web design and social media management, and bookkeeping among others.

The price starts at $299/month which includes 20 hours of assistance, but larger packages can be purchased according to your needs. You can communicate with your assistant via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, or any other form of communication you prefer.

They are ideal for industry specific tasks as well as administrative duties.


magic logoMagic is a text-based personal assistant. You’ll have a team of human assistants working on your most complicated tasks- whether it is business related or personal. The human assistants use cutting edge artificial intelligence software to manage your tasks and remember your preferences. Magic is available 24/7, 365 days a year and also responds within seconds to minutes.

Magic is perfect for on-demand tasks as well as administrative and clerical tasks.

Magic prorates to the minute at $35/hour. There is no minimum fee or recurring fees and Magic can handle multiple requests at once. If you’re looking for the best personal assistant service, you should definitely try Magic now.


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