The easy way to book hotels via text message

Booking hotels, whether for business or pleasure, can be a hassle, especially when you don’t have a lot of options. Having to go through the motions of looking for a nice hotel, checking their rooms and rates, and finally trying to book a room is tiring, even more so when you have to do it multiple times.


Book via text.

As of now, there is a service that can book you a hotel through a simple text message. It’s called Hyper, and is available on the iTunes App Store. You just need to text them the dates of your stay and they’ll find you a hotel – they’ll reply in minutes! If you like what they found, you can book the room with a text. You can also give them preferences, like getting the cheapest hotel or only checking hotels with rooms that have a specific view. Hyper also lets you sync any rewards programs that you want included in your booking. Don’t be afraid to let them manage your stay, they’re quite good at it. Pro Tip: Make sure you check if there are any cancellation fees. You can also set your preferences in your profile so they can accommodate you whenever possible.



While most hotels have websites where you can book a room, only Mandalay Bay currently offers booking hotel rooms via text message. Mandalay Bay wants guests to book their next hotel stay right from their mobile phone, and to make that process easier, they’ve recently started sending out text messages to SMS subscribers encouraging them to do just that.

Book Hotel via Text


Alternatively, have someone else handle everything for you.

If you have a personal assistant, this is a great task to have them work on. However, most people do not have personal assistants, and those who do often use them for work, rather than errands.


Magic, a personal assistant on demand, assists with things like booking hotel rooms via text message that would otherwise be annoying and time-consuming. Aside from booking your room, Magic will do everything else you need done, like booking your flight, transportation to and from the airport, and even setting reminders so you don’t have to. Pro Tip: Magic is available 24/7/365. They can also keep track of any preferences you might have.

You can also text the code “M4HOTELS” to (408) 217-1721 to book hotel reservations and more.

book hotels via text message

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