How to get an Uber via Text

For riders, Uber provides convenience, comfort, and safety. It’s like having a personal driver who you can call anytime you need a ride. You can get an Uber via the app, through the website or via text message.


Just recently, Uber launched its new service TextBER which allows riders to book a ride by simply sending a text message. Riders don’t have to rely on smartphones and Internet connections anymore to book a ride. 


This new service targets those who have no smartphones, primarily the elderly. They want to provide the same convenience, comfort, and safety enjoyed by riders with smartphones to those riders without one.

However, before you can use TextBER, you’ll have to sign up for an Uber account with credit card information on a web browser. After this, you can link the account to the TextBER service. Once the account is authenticated, you can begin getting an Uber ride via text message.

You can also order an Uber via SMS using Magic.


Magic is a text based personal assistant where you can get whatever you want on demand with no hassle.  Try Magic now.

get an uber via text message

Pro tip: You can also book an Uber or try any other of Magic’s services by simply texting “M4UTEXT” to (408) 217-1721.

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